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Geneviève Jeanson Admits to Doping

September 20, 2007 – Geneviève Jeanson has admitted to doping and began taking EPO when she was 16 years old. She claimed she didn’t want to take drugs but felt obliged to do so and wasn’t brave enough to say no. She knew it was wrong but said she was stuck in her situation and did not know how to get out of the vicious circle she was caught in.

In 2003 at the Hamilton Road Worlds she lied at the press conference that resulted from her elevated hematocrit levels (red blood cell count). Jeanson was prevented from racing at the time but was cleared of any doping infraction.

Jeanson, who now lives in Phoenix, Arizona, said she regretted the whole experience and was happy not to be living a lie. She added that she was miserable for so many years and was happy that she could finally come clean.

The CBC’s English version of Jeanson’s admission included comments from longstanding National team member, Sue Palmer, who said that Jeanson effectively took money, team spots, opportunities and fame away from legitimate riders who competed against her.

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