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Gears Bike Shop eBike DEMO Event – The Future is NOW June 2-4

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May 24, 2017 (Toronto, ON) – Gears Bike Shop, Cube Bikes and Bosch eBike Systems are partnering to bring you into the future… today. Pedal-assist eBikes are here, and they are beginning to revolutionize the way we get around our crowded cities and are opening up the joys of cycling and outdoor activities to an ever increasing range of people. It’s not just a bike ride, it’s a whole new transportation paradigm.

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Interested in learning more? We’d love to have you attend our Media/Demo Day on June 2 at Gears Bike Shop in the new Canary District, 500 Front Street East, Toronto. We’ll have experts on site from both Cube Bikes and Bosch eBike Systems there to answer all your questions. And yes, be prepared to take a ride.

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The general public will be invited to Gears Bike Shop on June 3rd and 4th to test-ride and talk to the experts.

Benefits of the eBike:

– Environmental. Benefits can be realized by substituting an eBike for a car, or even a car trip. Studies vary, but it’s commonly stated that, over a given distance, eBikes charged from the grid produce about 100 times less GHG than a car. And they’re much cheaper to operate, and yeah, a lot more fun.

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– Ride More Often. Because you can dial in your effort to suit your mood without necessarily forfeiting speed, hopping on an eBike becomes an attractive transportation option on more occasions.
– Comfortable Commuting. If arriving at work in need of a shower sounds unappealing an eBike is the no sweat solution. Dial up the assist for a leisurely ride without compromising speed. Arrive fresh and on time.
– The Great Equalizer. Differences in cycling speed will break up a group ride, or a couples ride in short order. Put an eBike in the mix and the dynamic shifts dramatically.  Everyone can travel at similar speeds with whatever amount of effort they desire. More fun for all.

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Ride the Future… Today

For more information, please contact Michael Cranwell at Gears Bike Shop mcranwell@gearsbikeshop.com – 416-855-4327.

 ©  Ronny Kiaulehn Photography

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