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Gears 24 Hours of Pure Exhilaration

February 21, 2006 – Pedal Magazine was at the Hershey Centre on Saturday night, 21 hours into the 7th Annual Gears 24 Hour Spin for the Betty Wallace Women’s Health Centre hosted by its founders, Kevin Wallace and Ira Kargel.

Over 2,500 members of the community took pledges and rode 250 spin bikes from 1-24 hours in order to raise money to support the new centre which specializes in early screening, prevention and detection of breast cancer. A live and silent auction added to the overall success of the event generating almost $34,000 toward the Betty Wallace Women’s Centre.

The mood was infectious as the riders challenged themselves and each other, raising over $750,000 dollars to ensure that the expansion plans to add new equipment required for the centre can proceed. The Betty Wallace Women’s Health Centre opened in 2004 and was the first critical step in providing access to specialty breast cancer care through early screening, prevention and detection. Women can access a range of integrated services such as mammography, bone densitometry, stereotactic biopsies and surgical consultations provided by a team of surgeons, nurses and radiologists. New equipment purchased and a planned expansion as a result of the 24 Hour Spin will allow the centre to offer breast ultrasound on site and a third mammography unit.

Riders were energized, inspired and entertained by a high energy line up of non stop entertainment including Honeymoon Suite and Kim Mitchell. Four big screens, lights, and a professional sound system created a rock concert environment for all 24 hours.

The riders kept the pedals spinning with the help of over 100 volunteers led by Michele and Dennis Dellios. Dennis was proud to report that all of the food and drinks supplied to keep the riders moving were donated to the event. Additionally, the cost of the event was completely covered by the generous corporate and community sponsorship allowing all pledges received by the participants to go directly to the Betty Wallace Women’s Health Centre.

One of the highlights of the event was the finale starring the Gears Family, Doug Soul and the Samba Squad who supplied over 250 drums to the riders and audience leading them through an emotional and spiritual finish to one of the most unique and successful events created.

The web site is live at www.Gears24HourSpin.com and donations can still be made in support of the Betty Wallace Women’s Health Centre at Trillium Health Centre.

The key to the Gears 24 Hour Spin is the passion everyone involved brings to the spin and the commitment to help raise money, have fun, and build a dream.

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