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Gearing Up for World Solo 24 Hour Championships

June 10, 2008 – It is with great pleasure that I reveal the results of 10 months of preparation for a project of great scope, that is, to compete in the World 24-Hour Solo Mountain Bike Championships. The idea to compete in the World Championships goes back to 2003 when I competed in my first 24-hour solo mountain bike race. Back then, it seemed like an unattainable goal. It wasn’t until last season when favorable conditions aligned, that I decided to make this goal a reality.

In order for an athlete to perform well, they must surround themselves with a solid team. I may be alone on my bike, but it is due to the gracious participation of my partners and the support of my family and my technical support team and that I am able to focus on my goals. My principal sponsor, Solidworks, the technological leader in 3D computer design, has committed to two years of financial support. The partnership with this internationally classed company came about quite naturally due to the fact that the bikes that I race and train on are designed with Solidworks programs. I am also a credible ambassador for their products as a professional engineer who uses these programs regularly at work.

IDÉA Innovation PME and NYX dimensions have also accepted to support me as corporate partners. I am currently working for IDÉA Innovation PME as the Director of Product Development. We specialize in the design and development of products for commercialization. IDÉA has allowed me to take time away from work for promotion, my vigorous training schedule, and of course, my competitions. Having this support from my employer has been essential in attaining my objectives as an athlete. My collaboration with NYX Dimensions resides in the complete development of my new web site

NYX Dimensions specializes in 3D data acquisition. This is the future in the world of engineering and entertainment. 24-hour solo competitions are extremely hard on equipment. In order to perform, my bike must be reliable at all cost. This is why I wanted the support of the best companies in the business.

Devinci provided the frames I ride. As a former employee of this company, I am confident of the assured quality of the products. The idea of riding bike made in the Saguenay region makes me very proud. Shimano Canada also provides precious support by providing the transmission components, the braking system, the wheels, the pedals, and the shoes.

Thule, Fox Racing Shox, Nite Rider, FSA, Ergon, and Selle Italia are also part of the product sponsorship group. My corporate partners and sponsors will be highlighted on my personalized clothing and bikes. The team boasts a very professional look that is essential in providing the best visibility for the sponsors and myself.

I called on the services of Carmichael Training System in Colorado to supervise my training. Throughout this past winter, I developed a strong relationship with my trainer despite the distance between us. I am extremely satisfied with my preparation. In fact, I have never been in better shape, and I am looking forward to seeing how I measure up to the world’s best cyclists in this discipline. The events that I will be participating in this summer include five 24-hour solo events; which may seem like few, but they represent an impressive total of 120 hours of competition in a single season.

The first event was held in Monterey, California on May 3rd. Following that, I will participate in the biggest 24-hour competition in North America, the 24 hour Summer Solstice in Ontario, June 22nd. On July 26th I will compete in the World Championships. Seeing as it is the 10th anniversary of the event, it will return to the site of its first running in Canmore, Alberta. To finish out the season, I will compete in the 24 hour Hot August Nights in Bolton, Ontario and the 24-hour Cat-Eye in Sherbrooke, Quebec. The forthcoming season will be very exciting and I would like to give warm thanks to my partners as well as my wife and children who continue to accompany me in solidifying my dream.

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