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Garmin-Slipstream Injuries – Tuft Update

release by Team Garmin-Slipstream

April 14, 2009 – Many have asked for an update of Svein Tuft, who is one of many Garmin-Slipstream riders recovering from mishaps in the past month. In his case he and Mike Friedman tried to knock over some giant flower planters that were handily located in the middle of the road in the Three Days of De Panne. Despite the size of the Canadian time trial champion, the planter won and Tuft did his best impression of “stop, drop and roll” to avoid serious injury. He went on to finish in seventh in the time trial that SAME afternoon. He is now taking some time to properly recover with the help of the Argyle Armada medical team and the now well-known Space Legs from team sponsor NormaTec MVP.

“Yeah, things are gettin’ better,” said Tuft. “Just chillin’ with the Space Legs for some sweet compression! Rode today for an hour and a bit, but still feel a sharp pain while standing and going uphill. I think with some proper rest and care I should be back in action in no time. Thanks for the checking in everyone and take care.”

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