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Ganaraska Ontario Marathon Challenge – June 13

release by Substance Projects

May 28, 2010 – On June 13, 2010, Substance Projects delivera more than just a bike ride with its Ganaraska Ontario Marathon Challenge event. Founder Dan Marshall will shake up the course at Ganaraska to offer riders the well-marked immaculate trail and overall experience lucky riders enjoyed at substance projects’ May 2nd’s Durham Mountain Bike Festival.

With a growing reputation for delivering what mountain bike riders want in a race, substance projects’ founder Dan Marshall will pull together a course for the June 13 Ganaraska event that’s well marked, in immaculate shape and a rocker. “If the other venues are this good we’re in for a real treat,” blogged one mountain bike rider who test-rode the Durham trail prior to that race.

“You know, we get used to the same old courses at the same old venues. This is absolutely refreshing,” continued the rider. (All quotes sourced from mtbr.com/forums)

The 67.7km marathon course (34km Half-Marathon) at Ganaraska will be a treat with its mix of rolling hills, single and double track.

“Enter the race, love the course, and go home happy.”

Register now at www.substanceprojects.com.

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