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Furious 3 Day 3 Final Report

by Mike Sarnecki & Mike Blennerhassett

July 5, 2011 (Alberta) – Once again the Fernie weather was kind to the Furious 3 participants as the rain held off (even though parts of the sky was dark grey with rain clouds) and riders stayed dry for the final stage of the race.  Keeping with the theme of climbing, the race course kicked straight up into the air, climbing nearly 500m in less than 7kms as riders hupp’d up ‘Hyperventilation’ and continued onto ‘Hyperextension’ trail to open the stage.

Unfortunately, I experienced our first and only mechanical of the race as my chain snapped right at the bottom of this enormous opening climb.  There lay my chain, right smack in the middle of the trail in a straight line, as I stand by helpless to grab it as racers zip by me.  Thinking back, it was quite comical as I’d reach out to try to grab my chain but had to quickly pull back as there wasn’t enough of a gap between racers who were flying down the hill and carrying all the speed they could into the base of the climb.  Once all the riders went by, I was able to collect my chain and start the repair.  Not a great way to start the day, but there was lots of riding to go.

Up and over ‘Hyperventilation/Hyperextension’ we went, switchback over switchback, and after taking œ a second to enjoy the view of the town of Fernie below, down we went on a super fun, steep, flowing decent.  Today’s stage featured some of the area’s best singletrack, and although my legs were screaming from all the steep technical climbing, I had a blast.

To end this great weekend of racing, riders were treated to some great draw prizes & even greater food served in the town community centre.  One of the sweet draw prizes, a Garmin 800, when to none other than top Canadian XC racer Geoff Kabush’s father, Denis Kabush (who competed in the Solo Men 50+ category on Geoff’s Rocky Mountain Carbon Element RSL from last season).  Two Giant fixie bikes were the 2 grand prizes.  Funny enough, by chance, one went to a volunteer and one went to a racer: the volunteer was Mrs. Whitten, and the racer was Mr. Whitten (as in the parents of current Track Ominum World Champion Tara Whitten)!

Overall, Team Pedal ended up in forth place, and knowing that we have room for improvement, we are happy with our result.  This truly was a great event and we are very happy to have taken part.  Furious 3 is unique because home base is always the same town – so whether you camp, stay in a hotel, or with friends, as a racer you have the opportunity to enjoy the town and all it has to offer.  ‘Bigger and Better’ for the Furious 3 is in the works, as 2012 will bring both a Fernie & a Moab Furious 3.  We can’t wait!

For full results click HERE.

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