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From The Roots In the Right Direction – 6,000km Music Cycling Tour Celebrates Canada 150

by Ben Andrew

May 26, 2017 – Canadian musician Antonio Piretti TOZ is cycling from the Pacific to the Atlantic, bringing music to the people across the country. “From the Roots in the Right Direction” is a music-cycling tour of 6,600 km from Vancouver BC to Halifax NS, which began on April 27 and will conclude in mid July. As of 17th May, TOZ will have reached Winnipeg.

Antonio Piretti TOZ  ©
TOZ is biking an average of 120 km each day and playing concerts along the way. TOZ’s mission derives from his belief that we should build our relationships on authenticity and sincerity instead of building them on digital realities. He wants to truly and naturally meet the people all over Canada and share some music with them for the country’s 150th anniversary. That’s why he chose to cycle 6,600 km, to stress the naturalness and sincerity of his action and that’s why the tour is called: From The Roots In The Right Direction.

Antonio Piretti TOZ  ©
As a musician TOZ writes songs with profound messages, striving to have a positive impact on people. In this spirit he has founded Art Takes Action For Charity’s mission is to advancing the public’s appreciation of meaningful art by producing art events. The events offer local artists a forum for exposure and raise funds for meaningful causes.

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