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Free Toronto Map of Bike Share Hubs

January 7, 2006 – I wanted to share a free Toronto area group map your visitors may enjoy. It’s an awesome resource and I am so glad it exists! It’s a Free Map of Bike Share Hubs and Shops In the Toronto Metro Area. The map was handmade by a super rad cyclist 😉 and highlights shops and spots that have really come in handy.


Platial.com is a free, social, collaborative atlas–a place for
everyone to share information about their favorite places. You and
your friends can add your favorite bike shops and hubs to this map. (Or just start your own in a different city.)

We just launched the site, so your feedback and insights are precious to us. It’s an ongoing labor of love and we’ll need your feedback. If you have any questions or comments at all, please write! mapmaker@platial.com

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