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Francois Parisien vs Boucherville Cycling Club on Ex-Dopers

by John Symon
Francois Parisien  ©  Pasquale Stalteri
April 03, 2014 (Boucherville, QC) – A doping controversy has erupted in Boucherville, a suburb south of Montreal, pitting former WorldTour rider François Parisien against the local club. Parisien was objecting to how the club planned to have Arnaud Papillon ride for the Club Cycliste Boucherville.

As reported earlier, Quebec rider Papillon was convicted of doping with EPO in 2011; he has now served out his two-year suspension. Papillon intended to join Club Cycliste Boucherville for the 2014 season and ride with the seniors.

“To me the issue is moral and touches deep values that I built up over the years,” Parisien wrote Pedal. “I’m NOT targeting an individual directly. The return of Arnaud is inevitable because of weak anti-doping policies. But this is not the main issue and not where I want the debate to go. What I intended was to expose the fact that a club took the decision to support an ex-doper instead of a clean kid that made the right choices from the beginning. “

“I talked with the sports director and coach of the club about our different values. He was very polite and we had a good conversation, but ultimately we did not agree on the support of an ex-doper. I do not agree in the support of an ex-doper, especially riders who doped on heavy drugs and manipulations like growth hormone, blood transfusion and EPO”

Parisien also took a swipe at anti-doping sanctions that he believes are too lenient: ”I truly believe that since the year 2000, everybody is now informed about doping in every way possible. I believe that since the year 2000, riders who take heavy drugs and manipulations like EPO, growth hormones and blood transfusions should be banned for life.”

“I also think that at the amateur level, an ex-doper should have to race one or two years as an independent to prove that he is clean before linking up with a team. This could prevent bad indirect association for sponsors and other riders of that club,” added Parisien.

Parisien, who rode for Argos Shimano in 2013, distinguished himself that year with a Stage 5 win at the Tour of Cataluña, becoming the first Quebecer to win a WorldTour race. The cyclist, who turns 32 this month, was the 2005 Canadian road champ and now works for Powerwatts. In March Parisien joined the RDS TV sports network as a commentator and analyst.

Editor’s note: the latest news is that Arnaud will ride 2014 as an independent.

Parisien joins RDS here.

Papillon Receives 2-year Ban for Using EPO here.

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  1. Ben Aroundo, ON, Canada says:

    I could not agree more. Clean riders should be steaming mad. Cheaters ruin the careers of clean riders and jeopardize the WHOLE SPORT. You’re caught, you’re out (starting 2015). Cheaters who have knowingly soiled cycling really DON’T deserve to participate in this magnificent sport.

    Now that the policy is to forgive them and give them a second chance we are watching and they better be humble and sorry and perform like they are no longer souped up.

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