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FQSC Announces Canada Summer Games Roster

release by FQSC
Pier-Andre Cote  ©  Brian Hodes/Veloimages
May 16, 2017 (Montreal, QC) – The road race, time trial and criterium held at Grand Prix St-Raymond last weekend were used by the FQSC as the selection events for the upcoming Canada Summer Games.

Marc-Antoine Soucy  ©  Pasquale Stalteri
Nick Zukowsky  ©  Brian Hodes/Veloimages
Based on their results, five representatives of each gender were selected for the major multi-sporting event, which will be held in Winnipeg from July 28 to August 13.

Catherine Ouellette (l) and Ariane Bonhomme  ©  courtesy of 4IIII
Simone Boilard  ©  Ivan Rupes
The following is a list of the athletes selected for the Québec Road Team to be sent to the next Canada Summer Games, as well as the substitutes:

1. Pier-André Côté (Silber Pro-Cycling)
2. Adam Roberge (Silber Pro-Cycling)
3. Nickolas Zukowsky (Silber Pro-Cycling)
4. Raphaël Auclair (Independent)
5. Marc-Antoine Soucy (Garneau Québecor)

1. Jean-François Soucy (Garneau Québecor)
2. Olivier Brisebois (Garneau Québecor)

1. Arianne Bonhomme (Cyclery-4iiii Team)
2. Dafné Théroux-Izquierdo (Desjardins Ford)
3. Simone Boilard (Desjardins Ford)
4. Catherine Ouellette (Cyclery-4iiii Team)
5. Ann-Pascale Ouellet (Desjardins Ford)

1. Olivia Baril (Desjardins Ford)
2. Charlotte Tousignant (Hopes Primeau Vélo)

All participants are between the ages of 17 and 22 and will be met with high expectations as Team Quebec has been at the top of the cycling team standings since 1997.

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