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Forest City Velodrome Sponsorship News

January 11, 2005 – The news just continues at the new Forest City Velodrome.

Delta Faucet Canada

Delta Faucet Canada with 250 employees has committed to become a Corporate Partner with the Velodrome project in London Ontario.

Marking the companies 100th anniversary this year in the City of London, Company President Mr. Vasken Altounian, is 100% behind the project. “We were contacted by our Indianapolis plant to investigate the Velodrome in London, as our company has many competitive & recreational cyclists in both cities, we thought that it would be a great way to support the community & celebrate our 100th Anniversary”, said Altounian. “Delta Faucets use to make wood wheels back at the turn of the century while Faucets were Brass already. We are an active recruiter from Fanshaw College and a contributor to Various City causes such as Thames Valley Children’s Centre, so the Youth Programs proposed for the Velodrome are of particular interest”.

Corporate Partnerships

Hello all, at the Saturday Kickoff we indicated to everyone what the requirements are to make the Forest City Velodrome a reality.

I will breakdown each requirement, If you have any question at any please do not hesitate to contact me for clarification.

It is important that we reach these goals as quickly as possible.

Construction of the Velodrome, $92,000.00 We are offering the opportunity to buy into the track itself, so that you will be an owner of the Boards. The details are on page 4 of the document. Remember you will receive $620 in value with an exchange of track time as an incentive (this came from one of the questions).

Operations, To run the building for 12 months the cost will be in the $72,000.00 range. This is where Memberships & general funding comes into play. I suggest the majority of the funds will be committed and will be used in this area.

Corporate Partners, It is my intention to bring in as many partners to help lift the profile of the Velodrome in the community so that our Youth Programs can go forward and demonstrate to the schools how we can help with safety & health programs. Goal is $50,000.00

All funds will be held in a Lawyers Trust Account at the firm Sutherland, Mark, Bumstead, Flemming – Barristers & Solicitors.

Finally our new website will be up shortly, To coordinate the website we had to adjust the name to Forest City Velodrome London Ontario. The new website will be : www.ForestCityVelodrome.ca All updates will appear first on the website before emails go out.

Thank you again for your support, you can email the forms to me then send a cheque, Money order to my address, Payable to the “Sport is Development Fund”

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