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Forest City Velodrome Six-day – Day 5

February 5, 2006 (London, ON) – Spectators who braved the bad weather to come out to the velodrome on Saturday evening were treated to another night of tense, nail-biting action. The first 30-minute session of night five of the six-day saw Team Delhi, Mike Renneboog and Keith Thorarison, open up an early points lead by winning both the team sprint competition and the point sprint. The other four teams were all within two points of each other.

In the second session Team Burlington, Garnet Abbey and Vince Dejong, took the miss and out top points and combined that with points in the final sprint to move into second place.

Numerous attacks were made to try and gain a lap but all were unsuccessful. Team Brantford was the stronger team in the last session but fell short of catching Team Delhi for overall points. Team Delhi dominated the preem sprints.

Team London continued their tough luck when Dave St James was unable to continue after last night’s spill during a team exchange. Subs John Craig and Marc Goveia did their best to fill in for St. James.

Going into the last day on Sunday Team Brantford still has the overall lead followed by Teams Delhi, Burlington, Waterloo and London.

The final day of racing on Sunday afternoon starts at 2pm.

Team standings going into the last day:
1.Team Brantford – 46 pts
2. Team Delhi – 44 pt
3. Team Burlington – 41 pts
4. Team Waterloo – 38 pts
5. Team London – 31 pts

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Forest City Velodrome Six Day – Day 5

October 30, 2005 – The racing was hot and heavy at the Forest City Velodrome on Saturday night. The fifth night of the 6 Day Madison Team race saw the spectators get into the race with an unbelievable number of primes throughout the 1.5 hours of racing. The evening was split into 3 – 30 minute Madison’s with sprints and primes mixing it up all night.

How it unfolded:

The race was three minutes in when the bell sounded for the first of many Primes. ($100 here and $150 there.) By the end of the first Madison, the teams were hunting for the special primes. They were having a blast just trying to recover enough to go again for another prize. After one of the Big sprints, the Vancouver team launched an attack that put all the other team at a 1/2 lap disadvantage. The strategy of trying to lap the field was a good one, as that was a Big Bonus to the first team to do so. The attack lasted 20 laps with all teams finally coming together in time for a $150 prime with 2 minutes to go in the first segment. It seemed that all the teams were getting a piece of the action. On the points side of the race, Team Waterloo edged Team Delhi by one point going into the second frame.

The London Track League entertained the crowd with some very quick laps and very steady and clean scratch races. The “AA” Madison went off without a hitch with four teams contesting the 10 minute Madison. The Velo-Kids were very fast on the night with four kids doing personal bests in their events.

In the second Madison the Primes kept coming as the crowd were enjoying the action packed sprints so much, that they kept coming back with more primes. The race was very fast as the teams were playing follow the leader waiting to jump for the Cash. Many thanks to the Spectators on the night for making the riders earn their winningst. In the points battle, Team Hamilton won the final double points sprint in this Madison.

The five teams were all chomping to get at the racing in the final Madison knowing that the Primes (specific sprint laps) would just keep coming. It seemed that every two minutes there was another prime, so many that the riders were jumping to the front every time there was a “flinch” by the scoring table on showing five laps to go. In the end Team London & Team Vancouver had very good nights on the board, scoring enough points for fourth and fifth Team Hamilton jumped to third on the night by winning the last double points sprint at the end of the Madison. Team Delhi came close but ended up 3 points shy of the nights winning team from Waterloo.

No team gained a lap on the night so that $250 will be carried over to Sunday afternoon at 2pm. It should be a very interesting race with so much on the line.

Many more Primes will be up for the taking. Racing will be fast & furious.

See you at the Track for the final day of the London 6 Day Derby.

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