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Forest City Velodrome Six Day – Day 4

October 29, 2005 – Team Delhi of Vince DeJong and Eric “Sleepy” Robertson controlled the night of racing by attacking the other 5 teams all night at the Forest City Velodrome in London, Ontario. In the end DeJong and Robertson closed the gap down to 5 points for the overall placing in the 6 Days of competition. The London Track League and Velo-Kids all performed very well during their portion of the show, with seven riders setting personal best times in the Flying lap qualifiers.

How it unfolded:

The London 6 is being run over two weekends so that the riders can continue their work & school commitments. Points are awarded during each of the 3 x 30 minute Madison run each night. A complete rundown of the scoring can be found at the end of the Race Recap.

Early in the first Madison Team Delhi were continuing to keep the pace high so that no other team could attack. Several times in the first 15 minutes they put the hammer down and opened a gap on the other teams. 6 Day Racing is all about the team. With the teams very evenly matched, the other teams chased DeJong & Robertson until the race was back together for the first round of sprints. Team Vancouver had a great first set of sprints with Keith Thorianson & Dave “No hands” St. James each dominated the 10 lap sprints and jumped into the early lead of the bike race. For the first time in the event the Waterloo Team of Adam Thuss and Rob Good were on the outside looking in, and as the second half of the opening Madison came to a close it was the Hamilton Team of Taylor Martin and Garnett Abbey who attacked with seven laps remaining, putting the Waterloo team, who are leading the overall bike race, in a world of hurt. Martin dashed to the line to take the first Madison and the double points that go with the win.

In the opening minutes of the second Madison the local London Team of John Craig Jr. & Jean Bertrand started to do their own version of “let’s see how far we can keep the Waterloo team at the back”. The strategy worked for 30 laps until, Thuss put his head down and, with the help of the Delhi team, closed the gap and the race went under the control of the Delhi Team entering the “Devil” at the 15 minute mark of the Madison. As the riders got together and started the countdown of laps to the first elimination one of the spectators offered $100.00 US to the winner of the (miss & out). As the riders were eliminated the race came down to a battle of the young guns. “Sleepy” Robertson & Taylor Martin were the last 2 riders standing, with $100 bucks on the line and the winner takes all the cash. Robertson jumped with 2 1/2 laps left but could not get around the hard charging Martin who outlasted Robertson in a very exciting sprint to the line (margin of victory was a tire width). The last 15 minutes of the Madison was raced at a steady tempo as it appeared that the first 1/2 of the race was very fast and the teams were pretty much gassed. The final sprint came down to an attack with 8 to go by the Delhi team who captured the double points on offer and were now in the driver’s seat for the win on the night.

In the third Madison, The Waterloo Team kept the tempo high in an effort to stop the constant attacks of the Delhi Team. This strategy worked as the points gained in the mid-way sprints and by winning the last double point sprint, moved the Waterloo team into 2nd position on the night just behind the Team of DeJong & Robertson who won the 4th night of racing in impressive fashion. Team Waterloo kept the overall lead.

All of the other teams were very close on points:

1st Team Waterloo 39 points
2nd Team Delhi 34 points
3rd Team Vancouver 31 points
4th Team Hamilton 30 points
5th Team London 27 points

The Teams will get a good nights sleep and be back at it on Saturday night at 7pm

Bring a friend and cheer on all the teams during the last 2 days of the London 6 Day Bike Race.

For more information go to www.ForestCityVelodrome.ca

First 30 Minute Session 1st Sprint 2nd Sprint Final Sprint Total Points
1 Team Waterloo 4 4 14 22
2 Team Delhi 7 2 8 17
3 Team Hamilton 3 3 10 16
4 Team Vancouver 5 7 4 16
5 Team London 2 5 6 13

Second 30 Minute Session Miss & Out Final Sprint Accum Points
1 Team Delhi 7 14 38
2 Team Vancouver 5 10 31
3 Team Waterloo 3 4 29
4 Team Hamilton 5 8 29
5 Team London 2 6 21

Third 30 Minute Session 1st Sprint 2nd Sprint Final Sprint Total Points
1 Team Delhi 5 4 10 57
2 T eam Waterloo 4 7 14 54
3 Team Vancouver 7 2 8 48
4 Team Hamilton 2 3 6 40
5 Team London 3 5 4 33

Final Results
For Night # 3 Points
1. Team Delhi Vince Dejong/Eric Robertson 57
2. Team Waterloo Rob Good/Adam Thuss 54
3. Team Vancouver Keith Thorarison/Dave St James 48
4. Team Hamilton Taylor Martin/Garnet Abbey 40
5. Team London John Craig/Jean Bertrand 33

Point Standings After Fourth Night Total Points
For Overall Six-Day Winning Team
1. Team Waterloo Rob Good/Adam Thuss 39
2. Team Delhi Vince Dejong/Eric Robertson 34
3. Team Vancouver Keith Thorarison/Dave St James 31
4. Team Hamilton Taylor Martin/Garnet Abbey 30
5. Team London John Craig/Jean Bertrand 27

London Track League Races

10 Lap Scratch Race
Race 1
1. Michael Renneboog
2. Brian Kelly
3. Peter Junek
4. Paul Poppy
5. Ernie Regan

Race 2
1. Simon Dearing
2 Neil Dignam
3. Alex Fournier
4. Sean Smith
5. Dave Haycock
6. Chris Vlemmix

3 Lap Handicap – Velo-Kids
Race 1
1. Conner Haycock (10)
2. Payton Dearing (10)
3. Billy Rudnicki (10 )
4. Julie Henry

Race 2
1. Payton Dearing (10)
2. Billy Rudnicki ( 10)
3. Conner Haycock (10 )
4. Julie Henry

5 Lap Sprints

Sprint # 1
1. Paul Poppy
2. Peter Junek
3. Ernie Regan

Sprint # 2
1. Chris Vlemmix
2. Brian Kelly
3. Dave Haycock

Sprint # 3
1. Alex Fournier
2. Neil Dignam
3. Sean Smith

Sprint # 4
1. Michael Renneboog
2. Simon Dearing

Robertson leads teammate DeJong in the $100 US winner take all “Devil” Matrin in 3rd took the prize

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