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Forest City Velodrome Plans and Work Schedule

February 12, 2005 – The Forest City Velodrome is being designed and built by long time Velodrome Contractor, Albert Coulier & Sons.

The plans call for a 142m portable velodrome which will fit into the “Building” in south London. The structure will be constructed of wood and metal, to the high standards of the UCI.

The dimensions of the velodrome will be 16’ wide, 16 degree banking on the straight away with 50 degrees in the corners, speeds on the track will be able to handle up to 75kph: well within the standards.

With the building materials ordered, it could take approximately two weeks for them to be delivered. Once work begins the completion of the first phase (Velodrome) of the Multi-Use Sports Facility should take four-six weeks. During this time, we plan to paint portions of the inside of the building, seating area, wall at the top of seating area (standing room), and move some of the seats to the centre of the grand stands.

Also during the construction phase we plan to install ramps over the stairs at the top of the building to enable walkers and runners to train. It is our intention to install a running mat to cover the floor and make the building more pleasing to the eye for runners to use the building.

We have also planned to install flooring on the infield for our children’s program. This program will teach bicycle safety and skills to the youth in the community from ages four years to 11 years old. Once the kids graduate to from the beginner program they will go into the Champions of the Future, where they will ride and train on the velodrome in hopes of going to international competitions to represent Canada.

This initial phase takes us to early April, when the completion of the velodrome and other improvements which we listed above.

Track riding and programs will begin with events every Saturday night.

Phase 2 involves the use of the infield, the plans have flooring going down for other sports to like volleyball, basketball, to be available for use throughout the year.

This should take us to the September where all plans, programs and events will be re-evaluated to see which needs to be modified to meet our needs.

Yours in sport,

Rob Good

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