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Forest City Velodrome Offers Weekend Retreats for Adults

release by the Forest City Velodrome

October 02, 2011 (London Ontario) – In a effort to accelerate skills development for groups of riders, the Forest City Velodrome is inviting interested riders to participate in weekend track retreats for adults. These Friday-Sunday retreats are aimed at riders (teams) who have completed Track 1 and want to advance their riding skills.

During the retreat weekend there would be 6-8 hours of track time. Graduates will be able to handle most if not all skills and drills that they would encounter in sport training and race training workouts.

The weekend of the first retreat will be Friday November 11th – Sunday November 13th. The cost of the weekend will be $200.00. All participants will be responsible for their own food and accommodation.

This is a breakdown of what to expect:

– Friday 6pm – 6:30pm…… Arrival and introduction
– Friday 6:30pm – 9pm…… Track refresher, skills workout.
– Saturday 11am – 12:30pm.. Drills workout.
– Saturday 5:30pm – 8pm… Speed skills and drills (mock racing)
– Saturday 9pm ……….. Dinner at local establishment
– Sunday 9am – 11:30am….. Final skills and drills workout.

Space is limited to 20 riders.

Book your space today – ForestCityVelodrome@Live.com

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