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Forest City Velodrome Fall/Winter Program

September 6, 2005 – With the summer season winding down, The volunteers at the Velodrome wanted to invite everyone back to the track for the kick-off of our Fall / Winter program season.

We had a very busy summer working out the programs for both recreational & racing sessions. The Velodrome will continue to make changes to our programming. Recreational & Grand Master sessions will be expanded in mid September. The track needs to expand our Volunteers to run these sessions if you are interested, contact Paul Mclean : camclean@uwo.ca (for details) for more information.
In the last two weeks, the London Track League Velo-kids have been burning up the boards in an effort to do some racing on Saturday nights. In preparation for the Velo-Kids, the track is going to run Saturday Noon hour programs (beginning this Saturday) for the kids to give them even more track experience before their racing debut this Saturday night. All riders “MUST” have been through the Track Skills clinic (www.ForestCityVelodrome.ca) to participate. (to register : email- rob.good@ypg.com).

Once the Velo-Kids program gets rolling there will be 5 different
categories for the Kids, Categories are age and ability based. Riders can
move from one to another.

-Junior – Pee Wee – ages 7 years – 10 years
-Junior – Sportsman – ages 10 years – 12 years
-Junior – Teen – ages 11 years – 14 years
-Cadet – ages 12 years – 16 years
-Junior – ages 14 years plus

In addition to the Velo-Kids, the Grand Masters (60 years plus) will have there own riding times through the Winter – more on that next month.

Racers and Recreational Riders: If you have not been to the track in 30 days you must come to take a refresher “skills session” so that you remember the do’s of our 138m High Banked Velodrome. The refresher can be done through the week or on a Saturday afternoon. This is for the safety of everyone.

Plan to attend the All Season’s Sports $10,000.00 Challenge, September 23 – 24th. 2 Nights of exciting racing action with a $10,000 Bonus for any rider setting a equivalent World Record of 6.8 seconds during our Flying Lap competition.

As you can see there is a ton of activities going on at the FCV, to get involved come down to the track and volunteer.

Racers, memberships are now due.

See you this week at the Velodrome

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