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Forest City Velodrome Association News

February 18, 2005 – The Forest City Velodrome Association is pleased to announce that our contractor, started assembly of the first sections of the Forest City Velodrome on Thursday February 17th. Work has started two weeks earlier than we had estimated.

The track will be built in sections off-site. Once the structure is ready, the material will be delivered to the facility in London for final assembly. We hope to have pictures early next week. This is a very exciting time for the cycling community in Ontario.

Continuing our Fundraising

1. Invest in a section of the Velodrome. Buy a share in the track. Each
share is $500.00

2. Make a donation (Tax receipt issued) Donations over $100.00 receives
50% off admission to April races plus will receive Track 101—FREE

For the people who have made donations since January, this program will be
retroactive for everyone.

Please go to www.ForestCityVelodrome.ca to complete the forms to make
a donation, on line donations will be available soon.

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