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Forest City Six-Day Teams Set

January 26, 2006 – The Promoters of the Forest City Six-Day Bicycle Race, are pleased to present the teams to contest the 6 Day competition at the Forest City Velodrome in London Ontario Canada.

Teams will come to the line on Friday night for the start of the race.
Riders from across Canada have entered and will be contending for the $5,000.00 purse. “We have increased the prizes from $3,200.00 in October up to the $5,000 level to encourage more participation from the United States”, said Bob Schelstreate, the race announcer for the event. The Teams will all be sponsored by local businesses in the London, Delhi areas.

– Team London (Blue) Garnet Abbey & Kurt Schreiter
– Team Delhi (Green) Mike Reneboog & Dave St. James
– Team Vancouver (Purple) Keith Thorarison & Neil Dignam
– Team Brantford (Yellow) Peirs Davidge & Eric Robertson
– Team Waterloo ( Red) Dave Byer & Rob Good

All of the teams are evenly matched with a Sprinter and a Stayer
(endurance) rider. Each night of racing will have 3 x 30 minute Madison’s , and will feature Madison team Flying laps, sprints, Miss & Outs, Primes. A new twist is the addition of Super Subs, These are riders that can’t do the entire event, but can fill in for a team that is down a couple of laps.

Racing begins Friday Night at 7pm Continues Saturday at 7pm & Sunday afternoon at 2pm.

The London Track League & Velo-Kids will also be racing during intermission on each night of the Six-Day.

Nightly updates will be sent as the race continues.

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