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Fly Gurlz – Events 2009

January 7, 2009 – Another wonderful cycling season is just around the corner. We are truly looking forward to hosting another fab year of programming! Look for the new launch of flygurlz.com on February 1, 2009. In the meantime – mark your calendars and join us for another amazing year of riding and sisterhood!

Fly Gurlz Mountain Bike Camps
We are very excited to announce that we are changing venues for the 2009 season. Most of our camps will be held at Hardwood Ski and Bike located just east of Barrie. The venue will allow for more riding/coaching and it’s a lot closer than our previous location for most participants! Sign-up form will be available online February 1, 2009.

– May 9, 2009 – Beginner only mountain bike camp – Hardwood Ski and Bike
– May 24, 2009 – All level mountain bike camp – Hardwood Ski and Bike
– May 24, 2009 – All level mountain bike camp – Durham Forest
– June 13, 2009 – All level mountain bike camp – Hardwood Ski and Bike

Fly Gurlz Relay – Get Your Eighties On
Saturday, July 18, 2009 at Albion Hills Conservation Area

Okay gurlz, we know that you have secretly tucked away that Madonna lace from high school just waiting for the right time to dust it off and accessorize!

Join Fly Gurlz for another super fun day at Albion Hills in Bolton, where we will ride, listen to awesome music and enjoy a fantastic day together! Sign-up form will be available on-line Feb 1, 2009.

Fly Gurlz Club – Merch Alert Merch Alert!
We have extended the order deadline for custom team Fly Gurlz Sugoi clothing until Friday, February 13, 2009. Many of you e-mailed asking for a bit more time to figure out what you want to scoop up. We really need to emphasize that we will not be carrying the same level of backstock as last year. If you don’t preorder, it’s likely you will miss out on wearing the very fabulous 2009 designs!

Fly Gurlz Sponsors 2009 – A Special Note
How lucky are we? Trek and Gary Fisher have signed on for another very generous year of support. We LOVE their women’s specific products and ideology and feel very thankful to be working alongside them again. Motrin will also be staying on board and we are blown away that this corporate partnership is entering into year seven – WOW. We have also been working with Powerbar for over 10 years and look forward to another fantastic year of yummy nutritional products! Sugoi have also stepped up for another year, and we are very thrilled as the clothing they produced last season exceeded all our expectations. A new sponsor for 2009 is Concrete Tides who produce custom decorative polished countertops. Special thanks to Running Tide for hosting and helping to develop our website for the year. We are also happy to report that the dealer network will be up for another fantastic season of support and service!

For any information about these amazing companies, please click to their websites!

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