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Five Junior RR Champs Crowned

August 21, 2004 – Five new Junior National Champions were crowned in the
road race this afternoon at the Park City Cycling Festival. The course was
technical, with a steep uphill and plenty of turns on the way out and a fast
winding downhill before the finish.

The junior women 10-12 toed the line first for three laps of the difficult
course for a total of 17km. Coryn Rivera sprinted in for her second
national title of the week, just 40 seconds faster than her nearest threat.
Lillian Gordis took today’s second place spot, to add another silver medal
to the one she earned yesterday in the time trial at Antelope Island.
Securing the bronze medal honor was Victoria Meier, while the fourth and
fifth podium spots went to Paulina Lopez and Hollis Owens.

In the women’s 13-14 race, the crowd saw another repeat of yesterday’s
medal performances, as the gold and silver medalists were the first and
second place finishers in yesterday’s time trial. Danielle Haulman made the
gold medal effort today, finishing with an incredible four minute lead over
silver medalist Jacqueline Kurth. Sinead Miller secured the bronze, and
Samantha Schneider and Colleen Hayduk posted podium finishes in fourth and
fifth place respectively.

Racing seven laps for a total of 39km, the 15-16 women were the third group
to brave the technical course. Improving on her success yesterday,
Jacquelyn Crowell claimed the victory and added a gold medal to her silver
in the time trial. Yesterday’s time trial winner, Lauren Shirock, claimed
silver in the road race this afternoon. Kimberly LaFleur took the bronze,
while Dawn Tisdell and Stephanie White rounded out the podium.

Rain plagued the course for the final two races of the day, starting with
the 10-12 men. As the riders approached the homestretch, the crowd saw
Gregory (Lawson) Craddock in the lead, with yesterday’s winner Daniel
Tisdell not far behind. Craddock took the crown, only 25 seconds ahead of
Tisdell. The victory marked his second medal of the week, as he took the
bronze in the time trial. Coming in together, Joel Shaffer, Gabriel Alva,
and Tanner Putt battled it out for the third place spot. Shaffer took that
honor, one second ahead of fourth and fifth place finishers Alva and Putt.

The final race of the day saw the 13-14 year-old men line up. Nick Bax
claimed the prize, adding a stars and stripes jersey to the silver medal he
won in the time trial. Alex Coelho earned the silver, less than a minute
behind Bax. The bronze went to Alfredo Cruz, while Alexander Wick and Ryan
Zupko posted the fourth and fifth place finishes.

Junior action continues tomorrow, as the 17-18 men will be the first to
line up in the morning for 106km. The last two road races will be the 15-16
men, and the 17-18 and Espoir Women. Junior criterium racing also begins

Today’s New National Champions

10-12 Men: Gregory (Lawson) Craddock
10-12 Women: Coryn Rivera
13-14 Men: Nick Bax
13-14 Women: Danielle Haulman
15-16 Women: Jacquelyn Crowell

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