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First Union USPRO Championships

June 9, 2002. (Philadelphia, PA) – To say that Canadians had an effect on
this classic American race would be something of an understatement.
Canadian National champ, Mark Walters (Navigators), took the race from a
3-man breakaway consisting of eventual USPRO champion Chann McRae (USPS)
and World Espoir TT champion, Danny Pate (Prime Alliance).

In a race in which there are two main competitions at stake – the
overall win and the US champion’s jersey, Walters cunningly used the right
moment to make his move and win the race. The other story of the day was
Michael Barry (USPS). Throughout the entire last half of the race, the
lanky Canadian could be seen attacking, or chasing down rival riders for
his USPS team. On the last lap he was seen relentlessly firing off from the
group trying to set up either of his American teammates in the breakaway
McRae or heavy favourite Hincapie (USPS).

With Hincapie being marked by other breakaway riders like Henk
Vogels (Mercury) or Mark McCormack (Saturn), the Walters trio managed to
stay away long enough for the win.

First Union USPRO Championships – (1.2) June 9, 2002.

1. Mark Walters (Can) Navigators Cycling Team 5.54.24

2. Chann McRae (USA) US Postal Service

3. Danny Pate (USA) Prime Alliance Cycling Team

4. Henk Vogels (Aus) Mercury

5. George Hincapie (USA) US Postal Service

6. Mark McCormack (USA) Saturn Cycling Team

7. Mariano Friedick (USA) Jelly Belly

8. Zbigniew Piatek (Pol) Mroz

9. Damon Kluck (USA) Saturn Cycling Team

10. Thomas Gronqvist (Swe) Amore & Vita Beretta

11. Kirk O’Bee (USA) Navigators Cycling Team

12. Michael Barry (Can) US Postal Service 0.13

13. Chris Wherry (USA) Mercury 0.20

14. Sbastien Mattozza (Bel) Landbouwkrediet-Colnago 1.26

15. David McKenzie (Aus) iTeamnova.com 1.31

16. Chad Gerlach (USA) Sierra Nevada – Cannondale Cycling Team

17. Eric Wohlberg (Can) Saturn Cycling Team

18. Erik Saunders (USA) Ofoto-Lombardi Sports

19. Krzysztof Krzywy (Pol) Mroz

20. Mike Sayers (USA) Mercury

21. Trent Klasna (USA) Saturn Cycling Team

22. Peter Rogers (Aus) iTeamnova.com

23. John Peters (USA) Prime Alliance Cycling Team

24. Tom Boonen (Bel) US Postal Service

25. Dirk Friel (USA) Jittery Joes-Choco-Andean Eco Coffee

42. Charles Dionne (Can) 7Up / Nutra Fig 5.56

These Riders were in a group that finished but were all given same placing

57. Josh Hall (Can) Sympatico-Jet Fuel Coffee 9.36

57. Jean-Franois Laroche (Can) Sympatico-Jet Fuel Coffee

57. Jacob Erker (Can) Schroeder Iron Pro Cycling

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