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First Annual “We Need More Cowbell Cross”

September 20, 2007 – On Saturday, September 29, the First Annual “We Need More Cowbell Cross”, presented by MacEachern’s Deep Steam Carpet Care, will take place at Burgoyne Woods Park in St. Catharines, Ont. The course will be 95% grass with one 200m section of pavement. Attached are some pictures of the area (Burgoyne Woods). Due the lack of rain, the terrain is bumpy and this will definitely wear on the riders towards the end of the race. The course will be marked by stakes and tape for the turns and the no-brainer sections will still be marked with flags on each side of the course. There will be one run up and one set of barriers so only two dismounts per lap, unless you fall off your bike, then there are more.

The course will be about 3.3km long, but very FAST. Of note is the Roller Coaster Section (think miniature BMX track), which will test all the riders’ skills. The course will mostly be about 3m wide with a few exceptions. There will be a good mix of technical grassy turns and straight power sections and some off camber.

We have Cowbell trophies for the winners of each category. A sample of the bells can be seen in the pictures section with chief prize distributor Casey Chown. Also for draw prizes there will be Sidi shoes, a selection of products from Rapid City Cycle, Super Feet insoles and other fun stuff. At the event there will be power and water hook up but most likely a bike wash will not be needed. All race information can be found at the event web site here. There will coffee and muffins and fruit on site at no cost.

Deep Steam
St. Catharines Cycling Club
Rapid City Cycle

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