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FCV’s CanAmQue Challenge Report, Results

release by the Forest City Velodrome

December 04, 2013 (London, ON) – What an event the FCV put on this past Saturday night. The CanAmQue Challenge lived up to its billing as the Biggest race of the year at the Forest City Velodrome. Six riders ventured to the Great White (green) North from the United States, Five riders from Quebec, and 51 eager Ontario riders were on hand to compete for the 5 podium steps in the eighth edition of the Challenge.

Organisers had to add an extra heat race with so many riders entered in the event, each heat race could have been a feature race on any Saturday night race night during the year at FCV. During the heat races the riders had to finish in the top 6 to move to the next round…. the drama began early as a couple of riders tried to figure out who the competition would come from. The racing was tight and fast and the eliminations in the 5 heat races were made…. on to the Semi-Final.

Names like Veccio, Rupes, Byway, Schiller had to use up energy that they would need later in the final, however, everyone was feeling the pressure of the quickness of the racing so far.

The field is set with 14 of the top racers at the FCV getting ready for 138 laps of hair raising fun on the tight 138m Velodrome. Two of the youngest riders to make the field for the Feature CanAmQue Challenge were 14 year olds, Jordan Jones and Lucas Taylor, both kids raced hard all night and finished 6th and 7th in the final run down.

The Challenge was fast from the opening whistle with many attacks stringing the field out for the first 25 laps. A touch of wheels caused one of the favourites in the race Connor Byway to hit the deck and take out Quebec rider Thierry Kirouac, both riders were OK, however could not continue. After track repairs, the field picked up the pace with the Jordon Broad attempting to take the $100 (Lap the field) Preem, Broad came close and was with 5 metres of the back of the field when his legs gave out, lungs burst and a nice smooth pedal cadence turned into “the square pedal stoke from Hell” Broad said after the race, with a smile.

With 60 to go the pressure was on and the field broke apart, 4 riders were on their own (Martin Rupes, Martin Veccio, Simon Fothergill and Jeff Schiller) stayed that way to the finish. The last 20 laps had many attacks with the 4 leaders coming back together each time, with less than 7 laps to go Rupes buried himself in an attempt to break the other riders. Unfortunately the strategy did not work and Schiller put in the final attack with 3 to go both Fothergill and Veccio were on the rivet and had nothing for the local London rider in the end.

Top 5 Finishers
Jeff Schiller – London
Simon Fothergill – Hamilton
Martin Veccio – Detroit
Martin Rupes – Toronto
Bayley Simpson – Linsday

Racing continues this Saturday Night with Six Day Madison Nights #2 action plus all categories Mass start racing for your viewing pleasure.

www.ForestCityVelodrome.ca for all up to date Track 1 and FCV regular Programs.

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