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FCV Saturday Night Winter Season Kick Off Race Report and Results

September 22, 2008 (London, ON) – The Winter season of track racing kicked off at the Forest City Velodrome in London, Ontario on Saturday night. Racers from across the province were honored in a pre-race ceremony that showed the achievements of Team Ontario at the recent 2008 Canadian Track Championships.

A total of 53 racers were on hand to challenge each other in the 3 Divisions that will continue for the rest of the season. We have elected to combine riders in each division so that the racing will challenge everyone. It is the intention of the organizers at the FCV to raise the level of performance in every division leading into the summer of 2009.

A very nice crowd of 200 spectators were on hand to watch the evening of action on the 138m indoor Velodrome. In sprint qualifying Canadian Junior Sprint Champion Allan Leparskas lead the field with a very quick 8.04 seconds which is 62.2 kph.

It seemed like the average speed was up in all scratch races throughout the night, which means the riders are fitter and more aggressive. In the Women’s field new comer Sarah Bonikowski put the hurt on the field late in the 1st women’s points race of the night, Sarah faded to finish 3rd, but her effort with 25 to go split the field and made the eventual winner (cadet) Kyle Rupay have to go over the top in the final sprint to take the win.

In the Senior scratch race, London’s Steve Meyer pipped Scott Lundy also of London by 1/2 a wheel to win the all out sprint to the line. Juniors, Ryan Aitcheson (Kitchener) and John Carden (Paris) were in the hunt for the win. Each rider put in many attacks during the race in an effort to break away… both riders had to settle for 3rd and 4th places.

The finals of the sprint tournament came down to an all London affair with the Masters division of Doug Devine out lasting Brian Kelly in the last lap to take Victory. The women’s sprint went to Lisa Perlmutter with Amy Briskaborn and Sarah “B” right on her heals. Junior Allan Leparskas came over Scott Lundy in the final 10 meters to win the Elite Men’s Sprint tournament.

It was great to see enough racers wanting to compete in the final races of the night, so many in fact, we split the fields for the Madison and had a “AA” and “A” Madison to end the night of racing.

In the “B” Madison Sarah McKenzie-Picot (London) and her partner John Hueston (Alymer) lapped the field to win their event. The very close battle for 2nd position were the team of Brian Kelly and Kyle Rupay (Peterboro), Daniel McKenzie-Picot and Rhys Bateman were third.

In the “A” Madison we combined Juniors, Cadets, Women with the Elite men’s field to have a very balanced event with the team of Lisa “P” and Steve Meyer out lasting the 4 other teams with a last exchange making all the difference in the final standings….. the pace was high for the entire event with many of the riders needing assistance after the race with very sore legs. The team of Vince DeJong (Brantford) and Jason King (Oakville) just coming around the team of John Carden and Ryan Aitcheson on the final lap to take 2nd and 3rd respectfully

Next race is scheduled for Oct. 10th, 11th 12th. The FCV “Festival of Speed” hits the boards…. check our website for up to www.ForestCityVelodrome.ca


3rd Anniversary Race

Flying Lap –
1. Allan Leparskas 8.04
2. Scott Lundy 8.53
3. Ryan Aitcheson 8.56
4. Stephen Meyer 8.59
5. Jason King 8.78
6. Lorne Falkenstein 8.85
7. Daniel McKenzie-Picot 8.93
8. Lisa Perlmutter 8.97
9. John Carden 9.06
10. Amy Biskaborn 9.09
11. Trevor Dickensen 9.10
12. Kyle Rupay 9.18
13. Doug Devine 9.35
14. Dina Ridha 9.47
15. Krista Ruby 9.69
16. Sarah McKenzie-Picot 9.79
17. Rhys Bateman 9.81
18. Brian Kelly 9.85
19. Emily McKenzie-Picot 10.11
20. Sarah Bonikowski 10.16
21. Conrad Mrowiec 10.19
22. Drew Welsh 10.34
23. Katherine Marentette 12.06
24. Christopher Marrentette 12.44

Masters Scratch Race – 50 laps
1. John Hueston
2. Doug Devine
3. Conrad Mrowiec
4. Brian Kelly
5. Rhys Bateman

Ladies / Cadets Points Race – 60 laps
1. Kyle Rupay 15 pts
2. Amy Biskaborn 8 pts
3. Sarah Bonikowski 5 pts
4. Sarah McKenzie-Picot 2 pts
5. Emily McKenzie-Picot 0 pts
6. Krista Ruby 0 pts
7. Daniel McKenzie-Picot dnf
8. Drew Welsh dnf

Senior / Junior Scratch race – 80 laps
1. Stephen Meyer
2. Scott Lundy
3. Ryan Aitcheson
4. John Carden
5. Vince DeJong
6. Trevor Dickensen
7. Allan Leparskas
8. Jason King
9. Chris Vlemmix
10. Lisa Perlmutter
dnf Lorne Falkenstein

Velo-kids Handicap
1. David Campbell
2. Devon Lowrie
3. Katherine Marentette

Masters Sprint Tournament

Sprint – Heat # 1
1. Brian Kelly
2. Rhys Bateman

Sprint – Heat # 2
1. Doug Devine
2. Conrad Mrowiec

1. Doug Devine
2. Brian Kelly

Ladies Sprint Tournament

Sprint – Heat # 1
1. Lisa Perlmutter
2. Krista Ruby

Sprint – Heat # 2
1. Amy Biskaborn
2. Sarah McKenzie-Picot

Sprint – Heat # 3
1. Sarah Bonikowski
2. Emily McKenzie-Picot

Ladies Sprint Tournament
1. Lisa Perlmutter
2. Amy Biskaborn
3. Sarah Bonikowski

Senior / Junior Men Sprint Tournament

Sprint – Heat # 1
1. Allan Leparskas
2. John Carden

Sprint – Heat # 2
1. Scott Lundy
2. Daniel McKenzie-Picot

Sprint – Heat # 3
1. Jason King
2. Ryan Aitcheson

Sprint – Heat # 4
1. Stephen Meyer
2. Lorne Falkenstein

1. Allan Leparskas
2. Stephen Meyer

1. Scott Lundy
2. Jason King

1. Allan Leparskas
2. Scott Lundy

Masters / Juniors Scratch Race – 25 Laps
1. Trevor Dickensen
2. Chris Vlemmix
3. John Hueston
4. Jason King
5. Lorne Falkenstein
6. Conrad Mrowiec
7. Brian Kelly
8. Doug Devine
9. Rhys Bateman

Ladies /Cadets Scratch Race – 25 Laps
1. Kyle Rupay
2. Lisa Perlmutter
3. Amy Biskaborn
4. Daniel McKenzie-Picot
5. Krista Ruby
6. Sarah Bonikowski
7. Sarah McKenzie-Picot
8. Drew Welsh
9. Emily McKenzie-Picot

Seniors / Juniors Scratch Race – 25 Laps
1. Allan Leparskas
2. Ryan Aitcheson
3. Stephen Meyer
4. Scott Lundy
5. Vince DeJong
6. Jason King
7. Conrad Mrowiec
8. Chris Vlemmix

B’ Madison

1. Sarah McKenzie-Picot
John Hueston

2. Kyle Rupay
Brian Kelly

3. Daniel McKenzie-Picot
Rhys Bateman

4. Drew Welsh
Amy Biskaborn

A’ Madison

1. Stephen Meyer
Lisa Perlmutter

2. Vince DeJong
Jason King

3. Ryan Aitcheson
John Carden

4. Scott Lundy
Doug Devine

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