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release by the Forest City Velodrome

November 6, 2010 (London, ON) – Here’s the latest news from the Forest City Velodrome, including “Track 1” Intro-Sessions, FCV Youth Jerseys, CCA Development Cadet & Junior Camp at FCV this weekend, Friendly reminders for FCV Recreational Rides, FCV Gift Certificates for Christmas, and a Blue Bike Repair Stand. Read on for all of the details.

“Track 1” Intro-Sessions – November – December – Updated
Our very popular Track 1 “Introduction to ride” sessions are being planned for the next few months. Groups welcome…. Book today as we do arrange sessions many months in advance.

Saturday Track 1 sessions in September – November will start at Noon. Please arrive 30 minutes prior to your session to get the paperwork out of the way & your bike set up. Dress for the season and bring a helmet, gloves, arm & leg warmers, pump, and pedals, if you have them.(we have everything you will need otherwise). Your Track 1 session will start at Noon – 2pm, included is a skills session from 2pm – 3pm (that’s 3 hours of track time), book your session today.

FCV Youth Jerseys have Arrived
The FCV is pleased to announce that our Youth Racing Jersey’s are on the infield. 4 Brilliant colours to choose from: Orange, Red, Purple, Green. They are sized for the Kids. Pricing is $50.00 which includes HST. What a great Christmas gift.

CCA Development Cadet & Junior Camp @ FCV – This weekend
The FCV, OCA, FQSC, & CCA are pleased to announce a 3 day development camp for Cadet & Junior aged riders. Cost of the weekend is $20.00

Skills, Tactics and over all track developement will be the theme of the 1st camp on the weekend of November 5th, 6th & 7th.

Here is the schedule:
– Firday night “stretch your legs” 6pm – 8:30pm
– Saturday afternoon “ouch that stings” Noon – 3pm
– Saturday evening “racing with purpose” 6pm – 9pm
– Sunday morning “you have to be kidding” 8:45am – 11am

Bring aerobars, food, extra clothing, water and come rested you will go home with happy legs.

Friendly reminders for FCV Recreational Rides
Please be reminded that we need all riders to follow a few basic rules during recreational riding sessions at the FCV.

– No riding at or near yellow line.
– Constant pace at Blue Line of 36 – 38 kph (no one should be dropped)
– New riders please ride below red line for safety.
– New riders** Please upgrade your abilities to Track 2 and come to Skills & Drills sessions over the next 30 days. (There are many sessions to choose from.)
– Everyone please enter and exit the track from the backstretch using the concrete (not the apron or the blue band) from the exit of corner #2.
– Communicate with other riders. E.g., say “stick”, “on your wheel”, “last rider” as required to alert others of your presence.
– Please use caution when crossing the track. Always wear shoes or boots. Stay away from socks and cycling shoes as they can be very slippery.
– If you chew gum while riding please dispose of it when finished in a waste container. (I never thought I would have to mention this.)
– Please pick up the garbage around your pit area, we now have blue recycling bins for bottles and cans. Please use them.
– Extra hooks are now available in the women’s change room as well as behind the track in corner 1. If there is no lock or name by a hook, it’s yours.
– Watch your speed and etiquette during all recreational rides, there are many ability levels on the track. Those wanting to ride faster or closer in an environment requiring superior bike handling skills and abilities to anticipate and react to other riders should save it for a Sport or Training session. (I will send you home sore.)
– Be courteous, when communicating with others on how they might improve their riding (we have had 55 new members in the last 4 months).
– Have Fun!

FCV Gift Certificates for Christmas
Having trouble finding a unique gift? We can make it happen for you before the December 24th….. send an email today.

The FCV has your solution. The certificate with no expiry date. The recipient can use the Track 1 Certificate any time in 2010-2011.

The members of the FCV would like to welcome new riders to the Velodrome with this Christmes 2010 offer. $30.00 Certificate will include the 2 hour Track 1 session plus bike rental, Track 1 graduates can also take advantage of our Trial membership offer until February 28th 2011.

Send the name of the person going to receive the certificate and pop a cheque in the mail…. you will have the certificate by email later in the day. These can be purchased right up to Dec 24th, 2010.

Send an email to ForestCityVelodrome@live.com and get the wheel rolling on this cool gift idea.

Track 1 sessions can be booked anytime…. we recommend to have your session booked early, check the home page for an open Track 1 session.

Blue Bike Repair Stand
A blue bike stand was on the infield at the Velodrome. It’s owner would like to use it, however, it’s taken a walk and is hiding. If you know where the stand is, please let us know…. we will see that it gets returned to the infield.


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FCV News

release by the Forest City Velodrome

August 25, 2010 (London, ON) – The volunteers at the 138m indoor Velodrome in London Ontario are gearing up for another busy winter of indoor riding and racing. New for the 2010-2011 season is a standard membership fee for all members, this new fee will be more in tune with the economic times that all cyclists are facing. The executive of the FCV wants to make sure that we are doing everything possible to attract cyclists from across Ontario and the north east for our programs.

The FCV has expanded the very popular “Track 1” introduction to the Velodrome. The instructors have increased the value in the 2 hour introductory session, by adding an extra hour of “skills” for each participant. The FCV recommends that you book you or your groups date early as we had cyclists booking months in advance…. check the home page of our website (www.ForestCityVelodrome.ca) for all the details. All Track 1 sessions must be pre booked in order for proper class size.

On the Youth side of the Programs at FCV, we spend many hours teaching and instructing the young riders how to be better cyclists, a side benefit is that the kids go really fast. The Youth sessions at FCV are Saturday’s with many kids graduating to the Wednesday evening race training as their fitness increases. With the help of the Trillium Foundation in Ontario, we offer these sessions for youth “FREE”, all the kids have to do is show up and have some fun. We have all the equipment including helmets the kids will need to have a “Blast”…. again check the website for Saturday Youth Sessions coming in September.

Expanded Winter riding times begins in September. With the growth in the number of cyclists taking part in our winter programming, the FCV will be expanding our recreational riding schedule in mid September. This schedule change will be mirror the 2009/10 winter schedule, with more skills and general riding time through the week.

Racing: The FCV prides itself in the ability to showcase riders talents at every age. The winter schedule kicks off September 25th, the schedule is a good mix of sprint competitions and endurance events. The Ontario Track Championships are schedules for the Weekend of October 15th-17th. This will be an omnium event open to all racers across Canada and the United States.

The FCV Grand Prix Series will offer $5,000.00 in prizes, as well The FCV International will have over $2,500.00 on offer for the Weekend of November 19th – 21st. Our biggest race of the year is the CanAmQue Challenge (American Thanksgiving weekend). The traditional 138 lap Feature race will be on Saturday night, however, on Friday night will be a new race CanAmQue Madison Challenge with over $1,500.00 in prizes for the top 7 teams.

From the executive of the FCV we welcome everyone to enjoy a few laps around the Forest City Velodrome.

For more information on Recreational or Racing progams at FCV, please email Forestcityvelodrome@live.com

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FCV News

February 20, 2008 – Well the snow keeps falling, the rain keeps falling, and temperatures are up one minute and down the next. At least we are dry and able to ride and train indoors. If you have not purchased your 2008 Membership go to the website at www.ForestCityVelodrome.ca to get your membership today. Now is the time to make your 2008 tax deductible donation to the Forest City Velodrome. The donation form is available on our website.

Speaking of websites… watch for our new and improved website in the next few weeks! Thanks to Ray Gubala for all your help.

Italian Festival
Italian Festival coming up this Saturday night, February 23rd. Racing starts at 7pm. Saveria — 2008 Mini-Pop will be opening the evening singing the National Anthem.

Come out for a Fun Family Event in support of the Italian Seniors Project.
Also meet Windsor Riders Enrico Triani & Danielle DeFranceschi. Admission $10.00 for Adults, Senior’s $5.00, Members $5.00, Children under 15 are free when accompanied by an adult.

Racing events will be held for Cadet, Junior Women & Men, Elite Women & Men, and Masters.

Helmets For FCV
As part of an ongoing program to promote bicycle safety, the Forest City Velodrome applied for children’s helmets to be used in our Velo-Kids program. The FCV would like to thank the Provincial Government and its Think First safety program.

The Forest City Velodrome took delivery of 50 helmets and will be using them beginning this Saturday for the youngsters that participate in the youth programs at the 138m Velodrome in London Ontario.

A special thank you to Jo-Ann Hutchison, Ministry of Health Promotion (Sports and Recreation) for the contacts and making this very valuable program come together.

If it has been a while since you have been to the track, why not come down this Saturday at 3pm and see the Kids in action.

Upcoming Racing Schedule
March Madness – Madison Style
– Friday, March 28 & Saturday, March 29 – 1st Heat at 7:00 p.m.

3rd Annual Birthday Bash
– Saturday, May 3, 7:00 p.m.

2008 Ontario Track Championship Rider & Technical Guide
The Rider & Technical Guide is now available at www.ForestCityVelodrome.ca.

Please review the guide in preparation for the Provincial Championship taking place May 30th, May 31st & June 1st.

Woman’s Team Kits
The FCV Elite women’s team, the Kamikaze Girls, have raised $1,050 so far to go towards the purchase of Team Kits. Once the design of the Kit arrives, we will have a special night of racing to show them off. The design is still a secret. Stay tuned.

Electric Motorpacing Bike
We have a New Fund-raising Drive going on for an Electric Motorpacing bike. The goal is $5,000.00. We’ve raised $2,600.00 in two days; the electric bike will arrive in mid-March “it’s ordered.”

To make a taxable donation for the bike, go to www.ForestCityVelodrome.ca to obtain a donation form. Make cheque payable to “Sports is Development Fund” and drop it off at the track or you can mail it to: Forest City Velodrome, 65 Karen Walk, Waterloo, Ontario N2L 5X1

Thank You Thank You Thank You
We cannot say it enough to our many volunteers that help out at the FCV. To all of our Session Leaders, for keeping our sessions safe & fun for all riders.

To Brian & Mary Kelly and Jim Waters for keeping things clean around the velodrome. To Magnus Graham for his handy carpentry work and the picking up of our supplies. To those that help on race night. To all the FCV Members who suggested companies that can supply concrete services to patch the front entrance. Thank you for your interest. We will be upgrading the entrance in the spring.

We are looking for a plumber to donate some time for small repairs when needed around the velodrome. If you are a member or know someone that may be interested in becoming a FCV Volunteer, contact info@ForestCityVelodrome.ca.

New Sports Paper in Town
Sports Press is a new Community Sports newspaper in London. Over the past month the FCV has been given 3 full page reports with pictures and huge write ups.

This type of coverage is extraordinary. We could not pay for this support. We urge all London and area businesses with an advertising budget to support this very valuable resource and help continue area cycling coverage going into the future. Contact Jorge: info@sportspress.ca for advertising rates.

Thanks to Jorge for his coverage of the Winter Nationals 2008.

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