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FCV 2008 University Challenge

February 4, 2008 (London, Ont.) – A total of 31 racers took to the boards at the Forest City Velodrome in London on Saturday night. 18 of the riders had less than 4 hours of experience at the 138 metre Velodrome. The inexperience did not stop the action and speed of the bicycle racers.

7 Universities from Ontario and 1 American University (Michigan State) took to the high banks of the FCV. The competition was split into 3 different events and the racers combined the results to determine the eventual winning riders in Men’s and Women’s Categories.

Event organizer, Naomi Chermak indicated “the total number of riders was more than 3 times larger than our first event in 2007. With 11 women participating in the Challenge, it shows that fantastic growth is happening with Cycling in Ontario”. We are already planning the 2009 event with more Universities and more riders participating.

The women form UWO had the most experience and had home field advantage during the competition. Joanna Wiersma set fast time in all 3 events to win the overall women’s event. New comers Amy Biskaborn, Lisa Perlmutter and Dina Ridha all from UWO swept the top 4 positions with another new racer, Amy Armstrong from Brock U, rounding out the top 5 positions.

On the men’s side, the results were much different with McMaster U sweeping the top 2 positions with Steve Meyer and Vince DeJong battling for the top over all results. Meyer won over DeJong by 1 point with a 3rd place finish in the final event of the night. 3 different Universities battled for 3rd position in the final event of the evening. Final results were Scott Lundy (UWO) in 3rd, 4th place going to Cody Brown (Michigan State) and 5th position Charlie Dumas (Laurentian).

The Forest City Velodrome hosts the Winter Nationals the weekend of Feb 8th and 9th, all categories will be in action. Racing begins at 7pm on Friday Night.


Women’s Omnium

1. Joanna Wiersma (UWO) 3 points
2. Amy Biskaborn (UWO) 8
3. Lisa Perlmutter (UWO) 10
4. Dina Ridha (UWO) 12
5. Amy Armstrong (Brock) 13
6. Naomi Chermak (McMaster) 17
7. Sarah Coney (McMaster) 21
8. Kyla Fisher (McMaster) 24
9. Brigitta Sasson (McMaster) 28
10. Jessica Darling (UWO) 29
11. Lolri Ann King (UWO) 33

Men’s Omnium

1. Steve Meyer (McMaster) 1.14.64 5 points
2. Vince DeJong (McMaster) 1.15.90 6
3. Scott Lundy (UWO) 1.16.28 7
4. Cody Brown (Michigan State) 1.22.51 14
5. Charlie Dumas (Laurentian) 1.19.17 15
6. Keith Gauld (UWO) 1.22.21 16
7. Julian Simioni (Michigan State) 1.24.78 22
8. Timothy Burton (Waterloo) 1.24.13 25
9. Randy Lee (Waterloo) 1.27.87 28
10. Jason Simmons-Cabral (Waterloo) 1.28.03 29
11. Kenneth Lapenotiere (McMaster) 1.26.06 31
12. Phil Bonham (McMaster) 1.31.21 38
13. Graeme Doodnaught (Guelph) 1.28.27 39
14. Scott Holmes (McMaster) 1.32.52 41
15. Allan Smith (UWO) 1.32.80 44
16. Simon Vansickle (McMaster) 1.34.40 49
17. Stephen Li (McMaster) 1.36.20 50

Ryan Aitcheson (School of Rock) 1.13.45
Garnett Abbey (Brock) 1.18.65

For more information go to www.ForestCityVelodrome.ca

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