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FBD Insurance Rás — Stage 3 — Jet Fuel Report

May 24, 2005 — Again, we had a super fast day in the Rás for the third stage, riding 160km in three hours and 30 minutes – pretty smoking fast. Given the speed you would have thought that it would be a tougher day, but it was tailwind and riding in the bunch was easy.

Yesterday saw a shake up on the GC and the Recycling Team took the overall lead; they are about the only team at the race strong enough to control the field. With a climb 20km from the finish it was a fair bet to expect that things would stay together until the base, at which point all hell was going to break lose. And that’s the way it happened.

On the run-in to the climb we travelled along the coast on some super narrow and rough roads, “˜heavy’ as the Irish would say, with everyone battling for position in the gutter. Zach was caught in a crash along this section which was a bummer; he hasn’t had much luck these past couple of days.

I got to the bottom of the climb in great position and from there it was all out for 2km. At the top 11 riders, including all the GC guys like Newton and Elliot, had split off the front leaving a group of 20 of us to chase. There wasn’t much interest in the group to get back up to the front.. But with 5km to the finish the race was still on and with 2km to go Andrew Roche and I got away from our group, holding them off as we sprinted to the line with them hot on our heels.

So, the legs seem to have come back after a crummy day yesterday, now it is time to see what I can do in the rest of this Rás.

Stage 3 – Tubbercurry – Lisdoonvarna, 156 km

1 Chris Newton (GBr) Recycling.co.uk 3.29.55
2 Malcolm Elliott (GBr) Trinity Capital
3 Malte Urban (Ger) Stevens von Hacht
4 Morten Hegreberg (Nor) Sparebanken Vest
5 Tim Barry (Irl) Dan Morrissey
6 Stephen Gallagher (Irl) Grant Thornton
7 Evan Oliphant (GBr) Scotland
8 Gabriel Rasch (Nor) Sparebanken Vest
9 John Tanner (GBr) Trinity Capital
10 Yanto Barker (GBr) Stena
11 Robin Sharman (GBr) Recycling.co.uk
12 Andrew Roche (Irl) Worldwide Cycles 0.41
13 Andrew Randell (Can) Jet Fuel Coffee
14 Simon Kelly (Irl) Nucleus
15 Daniel Lynch (Irl) Kanturk
16 Kevin Dawson (GBr) Trinity Capital
17 Rostislav Krotky (Cze) Elmarco KK
18 Paudi O’Brien (Irl) Grant Thornton
19 Sean Lacey (Irl) M Donnelly
20 Morten Christiansen (Nor) Sparebanken Vest
21 Are Andresen (Nor) Sparebanken Vest
22 Tino Haakman (Ned) BRC Kennemerland
23 Alex Coutts (GBr) Scotland
24 Sigvard Kukk (Est) Kalev Chocolate
25 John Dempsey (Irl) Grant Thornton
26 John Horgan (Irl) Nucleus
27 Stian Remme (Nor) Sparebanken Vest
28 Stuart Gillespie (USA) TIAA-CREF
29 Eugene Moriarty (Irl) cycleways.com
30 Ian MacGregor (USA) TIAA-CREF
31 Ben Greenwood (GBr) Recycling.co.uk
32 Conor Murphy (Irl) Grant Thornton
33 Julian Winn (GBr) Stena
34 Ken Norgrove (Irl) Whs. All Systems 1.23
35 Donald Reeb (USA) Guinness 1.24
36 Kevin Miller (Can) Jet Fuel Coffee 1.25
37 Mike Barton (USA) Boston Scientific
38 Greg Roche (GBr) Fujibikes
39 Chris Belsham (GBr) Angliasport
40 Jens Schwedler (Ger) Stevens von Hacht
41 Stephan Wolfer (GBr) Fujibikes
42 Kristian House (GBr) Fujibikes
43 Jan Novak (Cze) Elmarco KK
44 Nathan Mitchell (USA) TIAA-CREF
45 Michal Stastny (Cze) Elmarco KK
46 Jamie Norfolk (GBr) Stena
47 Stephen O’Sullivan (Irl) cycleways.com
48 John Charlesworth (GBr) NE England
49 Emmet Hogan (Irl) McGuire Cycles
50 Robert Partridge (GBr) Stena

GC after stage 3

1 Chris Newton (GBr) Recycling.co.uk 10.34.24
2 Malcolm Elliott (GBr) Trinity Capital 0.08
3 Morten Hegreberg (Nor) Sparebanken Vest 2.16
4 Tim Barry (Irl) Dan Morrissey 2.32
5 Robin Sharman (GBr) Recycling.co.uk
6 Yanto Barker (GBr) Stena 2.37
7 Gabriel Rasch (Nor) Sparebanken Vest
8 Kevin Dawson (GBr) Trinity Capital 3.04
9 Conor Murphy (Irl) Grant Thornton 5.01
10 Stuart Gillespie (USA) TIAA-CREF 5.29
11 John Tanner (GBr) Trinity Capital
12 Evan Oliphant (GBr) Scotland 6.01
13 Sean Lacey (Irl) M Donnelly 6.15
14 John Dempsey (Irl) Grant Thornton
15 Sigvard Kukk (Est) Kalev Chocolate 6.22
16 Philip Cassidy (Irl) cycleways.com 6.40
17 Morten Christiansen (Nor) Sparebanken Vest 6.43
18 Rostislav Krotky (Cze) Elmarco KK
19 Andrew Roche (Irl) Worldwide Cycles
20 Eugene Moriarty (Irl) cycleways.com 6.44
21 Mark Lovatt (GBr) Trinity Capital
22 Alex Coutts (GBr) Scotland 8.11
23 Gary Dodd (GBr) SurreyRacing League 8.17
24 Roger Aiken (Irl) Safe Cycling 8.25
25 Jan Novak (Cze) Elmarco KK 8.52
26 Stephen Gallagher (Irl) Grant Thornton 8.59
27 Martyn Irvine (Irl) Kanturk 9.20
28 Julian Winn (GBr) Stena 9.37
29 Are Andresen (Nor) Sparebanken Vest 9.40
30 Ben Greenwood (GBr) Recycling.co.uk
31 Ian MacGregor (USA) TIAA-CREF
32 Tino Haakman (Ned) BRC Kennemerland
33 Stian Remme (Nor) Sparebanken Vest
34 Simon Kelly (Irl) Nucleus
35 Daniel Lynch (Irl) Kanturk
36 John Horgan (Irl) Nucleus
37 Paudi O’Brien (Irl) Grant Thornton 10.07
38 Roger Morgan (GBr) SurreyRacing League 10.10
39 Ken Norgrove (Irl) Whs. All Systems 10.22
40 Chris Belsham (GBr) Angliasport 10.24
41 Mike Barton (USA) Boston Scientific
42 Kristian House (GBr) Fujibikes
43 Kevin Miller (Can) Jet Fuel Coffee
44 Michal Stastny (Cze) Elmarco KK
45 Jens Schwedler (Ger) Stevens von Hacht
46 John Charlesworth (GBr) NE England
47 Jamie Norfolk (GBr) Stena
48 Greg Roche (GBr) Fujibikes
49 Robert Partridge (GBr) Stena
50 Mark Cassidy (Irl) cycleways.com

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