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Fast and Female Year in Review – 2013 Raises the Bar

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January 09, 2014 – 2013 was a very exciting and busy year for the crew at Fast and Female. Seeing how many lives we touched along the way has left us feeling grateful and inspired to reach out to even more in the new year. Many thanks to those who have helped make this possible!

Year in Review
4 = Number of countries where we hosted an event; Canada, USA, Sweden, Australia
16 = Number of cities where we hosted an event; from Whistler to Montréal, Anchorage to Park City, Fallun, Sweden to Falls Creek and even Australia!
20 = Number of Champ Camp events throughout the year
100 = Number of ambassadors registered in our program
7143 = Number of fans on our Fast and Female Facebook page
2000 = Number of girls we reach to inspire in 2013

Event of the Year
Park City, USA, October 2013: Nearly 150 young girls spent an afternoon with Olympians, having the time of their lives and forging their own Olympic dreams!


Facebook Ambassador of the Year

Triathlon all-star, Amelie Kretz has been nominated by our fans on Facebook as the Ambassador of the year! Congrats to her hard effort and for being a positive role model.

Event Photo of the Year

Montreal Canoe Kayak

Montréal Canoe-Kayak National Fast and Female Champ Camp

Our Top 6 Ambassadors in the Spotlight


1. Kikkan Randall
Sport: Cross-country skiing
Team sprint World Champion with Fast and Female ambassador Jessie Diggins
1st in the sprint World Cup standing
3rd in the WC standing overall
8 podiums in the World Cup circuit and including World Championship in the year 2013

2. Alex Gough
Sport: Luge
Bronze medalist World Championship in the single race and silver medalist in the relay
4th in the WC standing
10 podiums in the World Cup circuit and including World Championship in the year 2013

3. Gillian Carleton
Sport: Track cycling and road cycling
Bronze medalist World Championship in team pursuit
4 podiums in the World Cup circuit and including World Championship in the year 2013

4. Marielle Thompson
Sport: Ski cross
Junior Ski cross World Champion
Silver medalist Ski cross Senior World Championship
6 podiums in the World Cup circuit and including World Championship in the year 2013

5. Maëlle Ricker
Sport: Snowboard cross
Snowboard cross women World Champion
4th in the WC standing
3 podiums in the World Cup circuit and including World Championship in the year 2013

6. Amelie Kretz
Sport: Triathlon
First World Cup win in Edmonton
Bronze medalist in the U23 World Championship
2 podiums in the Pan-Am cup (Mexique and Barbades)
Senior and U23 National Champion

Ambassador Most Involved in Fast and Female Programs
Jessie Diggins


Diggins participated in four Fast and Female events; Park City, Oregon (Bend), Lake Tahoe and she organized a super hour event in Lake Placid (we ask for at least one event per year for an ambassador). Being submersed in cross-country skiing (twenty-two years!), Diggins has gone above and beyond considering her busy schedule. Diggins spent 6 months of the year the other side of the ocean to race on the World Cup circuit and entered 38 races in 2013 to take the team sprint world champion title!

This blond pony tail have always some energy to give to the young girls, dancing, singing, running! She is a passionate, excited about her quest of performance, loves her job, and always rock the glitter and pink on the World Cup circuit. Thank you Jessie for your energy in the Fast and Female program!

Ambassador Riding with Style
Emily Batty


First, she got fast! The Mountain bike National Champion and World cup medalist knows how to make a statement on the track and rides with style. Thanks Emily to brings glamor to Mountain bike!

Ambassador Who Most Spreads the Love of Fast and Female
Cassie Elise Hawrysh


If you see a skeleton on TV with a Fast and Female sticker it’s Cassie!  Each time she slides, she has a Fast and Female stamp on her heart. Thanks Cassie to spread the love of Fast and Female around the World!

Ambassador Who Never Gives Up
Chandra Crawford


“I will fail, flail, gasp, and fail some more until I succeed. ” The Olympic Champion hasn’t had an easy road, but she has decided to make the decision with her heart and act with a positive attitude. Her ability to set long-term and short-term goals and implement the steps necessary to achieve them help her to stay on the right track. Thanks Chandra to inspire us to believe in yourself!

Ambassador to Watch in 2014
Marie-Michèle Gagnon


She is already a Champion, we all know this but she made her statement! Marie-Michèle Gagnon’s sizzling-hot start to the Olympic season earned her fifth, top-10 result in eight World Cup races this year. You need to watch Mitch in 2014, we know she will ski like a boss!

True Mindful Monday of the Year
“If you wait for the perfect conditions you will never start ” – Fast and Female ambassador Andréanne Pichette

Mindful Monday_n

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