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Exclusive 20 Photos of Silber Pro Cycling Team You Must See Before Paris-Roubaix

release by Silber Pro Cycling Team
#silberbullet  ©  Veloimages
April 08, 2017 – If you are like our riders, you’re getting ready to watch the legendary Paris-Roubaix tomorrow. Our riders aren’t racing this weekend, they’re at an altitude camp on Mt. Lemon, near Tucson Arizona getting read for the Tour of the Gila. We thought it would be fun to give you a sneak peak at 20 amazing photos from our recent team camp. Exclusively for our mail list subscribers – sign up here.

Team Silber sans orange  ©  Veloimages
Nic Masbourian (l) and Nigel Ellsay  ©  Veloimages
Silber flying the big bird  ©  Veloimages
Gord Fraser holds court  ©  Veloimages
Alec Cowan  ©  Veloimages
Julien Gagne - his season was cut short last year, we can't wait to see what he can do this year.  ©  Veloimages

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