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Espoir National Team Spring Campaign

April 29, 2006 – The 2006 Espoir National Team’s European project started out with a bang when Bradley Fairall (Symmetrics/Coast Capital) won the opening race of the teams program. Based out of the small town of Conches in Normandy, the team was able to compete on a regular basis against some of the best Espoirs in France.

Jacky Hardy (European Project Manager) set up a great race schedule for the six athletes coming from all across Canada. These riders included Jaime Lamb (NS, Garneau/Optik), David Vellieux (QC, Garneau/Optik), Eric Boily (QC, VW-Trek), Philippe Abbott (AB, ItalPasta), Marsh Cooper (BC, Symmetrics/Coast Capital), and Bradley Fairall, (BC, Symmetrics/Coast Capital).

The morale of the team remained high throughout the month as results kept pouring in:

– 1st Maillot Des Jeunes a Cerisy Belle Etoile
– 1st Maillot Des Jeunes a St-Sauveur-Lendelin
– 2nd Weincourt
– 3rd Weincourt
– 8th Weincourt
– 3rd La Gainsbarre
– 3rd Circuit du Mene
– 4th Circuit du Mene Overall
– 8th GP U Côtes d’Armor
Р16th La C̫te Picarde

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