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Escape Velocity\’s \”World Championships\”

August 31, 2004 – Escape Velocity would like to thank the close to 400 riders who participated in the World Tuesday Night Championships at UBC this year. Our final race of the 2004 season happens tonight. Points for the year are finalized (last race = no points) and awards and trophy presentation will happen for each category, prior to the start of their race.

Congratulations to the following WTNC Champions for 2004:

– Cat 1/2 Men: Sean Dawson
– Cat 3 Men: Dan Reilly
– Cat 4 Men: Rob Gosselin
– Cat 5 Men: Jamie Kimber
– Women 1-3: Barb Zimich
– Women 4: Kim Atkinson & Andrea Scott (tie)

For more info on Escape Velocity and the World Tuesday Night
Championships, visit http://www.escapevelocity.bc.ca

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