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Escape Velocity/dEVo Spring Series – Sunday Road Race

March 26, 2006 – Here are the results from today’s Escape Velocity/dEVo Spring Series Road Race in BC:

A Group 140K
1. Will Routley Symmetrics
2. Ryan Anderson Alberta
3. Larry Zimich Coastal
4. Jamie Sparling Alberta
5. Andrew Nichol Manitoba

B Group 119K
1. Gerry van Gaans
2. Frank Schimunek
3. Tony Routley Team Whistler/Natures Path
4. Paul Falcon Coastal
5. Paul Craig The Local Ride

C Group 56K
1. Darren Grund
2. Richard Machhein
3. Steven Ou Escape Velocity
4. Owen Grimley
5. Perry Klassen

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