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Escape Velocity/dEVo Spring Series – Races #6 and #7 – Report, Results

by pedalmag.com

April 8, 2009 (Abbotsford, BC) – The Escape Velocity/dEVo Spring Series wrapped up last weekend with two great races in Abbotsford under sunny skies and pleasant spring temperatures. The penultimate race of the series on Saturday used the popular 10km Atomic Road Race course borrowed from the BC Cup Series.

The A Category tackled a 130km race, which saw Jamie Sparling (Trek/Red Truck p/b Mosaik Homes) take the victory. His team mate, Rob Britton (Trek/Red Truck p/b Mosaik Homes), snagged second spot, followed by Mike Sidic (Garneau Evolution) in third. The B Group completed 110km, headed by young guns Ben Cowburn (dEVo) and Graham Laurie (Phoenix Velo) in first and second. Dave Gerth (Steed Cycles) finished third. The C Category saw Ian Fillinger (Unattached) grab the win, followed by Niels Steiner (Glotman Simpson) in second and Kevin Chew (Unattached) in third.

Race #7
For the seventh final race of the series, team Trek Red Truck p/b Mosaic Homes pulled off a top-two sweep for the second day in a row courtesy of Nathan MacDonald (Trek Red Truck p/b Mosaic Homes) and Kevin Noiles (Trek Red Truck p/b Mosaic Homes). Dave Vukets (Trek Red Truck p/b Mosaic Homes) completed the teamss podium sweep with a third-place ride in the 126km, 18-lap competition.

Local Ride Racing armada controlled the B pack and animated the race from early on in the 15-lap, 105km race. The team eventually launched ringers Steve Devantier (Local Ride Racing) and Mike Berkenpas (Local Ride Racing) into the decisive break, and then it was all up to them. They came through for the brick and blue, securing the top two spots and finishing nearly three minutes ahead of the main field. Steed Cycles strongman Gerth was third for the second time of the weekend. Dustin Brons (dEVo) pedalled to victory in the C Group, followed by Local Ride Racing’s Chelsea Bilsbarrow (Local Ride Racing) in second, and Michael Brennan (Super Champion) in third over nine laps and 63km. The Novice race saw Josef Johnston (Ride 4 Life), Troy Neale (Unattached), and Kelly Gilchrist (Unattached) claim the top three spots, respectively, in the 35km effort. The Easter weekend will feature the dEVo Spring Classic Stage Race in Langley. Visit www.escapevelocity.bc.ca for more info.


Saturday, April 4 – Atomic

A Category
1. Jamie Sparling (Trek/Red Truck p/b Mosaik Homes)
2. Rob Britton (Trek/Red Truck p/b Mosaik Homes)
3. Mike Sidic (Garneau Evolution)
4. Cyrus Kangarloo (H&R Block Kona)
5. Kevin Noiles (Trek/Red Truck p/b Mosaik Homes)

B Category
1. Ben Cowburn (dEVo)
2. Graham Laurie (Phoenix Velo)
3. Dave Gerth (Steed Cycles)
4. Mike Laxdal (Unattached)
5. Kyle Buckowsky (Team Coastal)

C Category
1. Ian Fillinger (Unattached)
2. Niels Steiner (Glotman Simpson)
3. Kevin Chew (Unattached)
4. Chelsea Bilsbarrow (Local Ride Racing)
5. Stuart Lynne (Escape Velocity)

Sunday, April 5 – Zero Ave

A Category
1. Nathan MacDonald (Trek Red Truck p/b Mosaic Homes)
2. Kevin Noiles (Trek Red Truck p/b Mosaic Homes)
3. Dave Vukets (Trek Red Truck p/b Mosaic Homes)
4. Guy Biggar (Garneau Evolution)
5. Marcel Aarden (H&R Block Kona)

B Category
1. Steve Devantier (Local Ride Racing)
2. Mike Berkenpas (Local Ride Racing)
3. Dave Gerth (Steed Cycles)
4. Richard Machhein (Unattached)
5. Andrew Lea (Steed Cycles)

C Category
1. Dustin Brons (dEVo)
2. Chelsea Bilsbarrow (Local Ride Racing)
3. Michael Brennan (Super Champion)
4. James Fry (Westwood/Cannondale)
5. Adam Barlev (Escape Velocity)

1. Josef Johnston (Ride 4 Life)
2. Troy Neale (Unattached)
3. Kelly Gilchrist (Unattached)
4. Brian Wanden (Unattached)
5. Fraser Corbet (Ride 4 Life)

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