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Escape Velocity Spring Series #4 and #5

March 18, 2008 – Here are the results from last weekend’s Escape Velocity/dEVo Spring Series races. Racers attacked The Snake on Saturday for a grueling test of wills and legs. Sunday was Bradner Road. It started cloudy cold, but then it warmed up near the end to reveal some blue sky!

Thanks to all that came out! See you next weekend.

Spring Series #4 – March 15 – The Snake

A Group
1. Ryan Anderson (Symmetrics Cycling)
2. Rob Britton (Red Truck Racing)
3. Neil Kindree
4. Will Routley (Symmetrics Cycling)
5. Dave Vukets

B Group
There was a huge sprint for this one so if anyone has any questions about this please see Austin at the next race.

1. Carsen Ivany (Local Ride)
2. Steve Devantier (Local Ride)
3. Michael Boehm
5. Trevor Hopkins

C Group
1. Daniel Owsiany
2. David Richardson
3. John Livingstone
4. Kerry White
5. 348? 507?

Spring Series #5 – March 16 – Bradner Road

A Group
1. Ryan Anderson (Symmetrics Cycling)
2. Cody Campbell (Symmetrics Cycling)
3. John Tolkamp (Escape Velocity)
4. Johnathan Page (Escape Velocity)
5. Mike Scheske (Escape Velocity)

B Group
1. Jonny “applebum” Cheung (Escape Velocity)
2. Russ Stead (Escape Velocity)
3. Bruce Denis (Coastal Cycling)
4. Alex Wrubleski (Webcor)
5. Jenny Trew (Vanderkitten)

C Group
1. Jason Brooks (Zimichcoaching.com)
2. David Richardson
3. Stuart Lynne (Escape Velocity)
4. Brad Bisset (Wedgwood)
5. Bill Riley (Velo Vets)

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