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Escape Velocity Spring Series #2 and #3

March 10, 2008 – EV wins! And takes fifth. New Escape 1-2 team member Andrew Kyle showed that some of those mountain bike skills do cross over, and with great support and teamwork from the rest of the Red Brigade, he managed to take the victory in the A Group on Saturday. Jason Manning (Red Truck Racing) took the win in the B Group, Daniel Owsiany won C Group, and Mark G was first in the Novice category. Visit www.escapevelocity.bc.ca for more info.

Also, we finished all four races Saturday. See what nice things happen when you kids stop crashing so much?

Spring Series Race #2, Zero Ave.

A Group
1. Andrew Kyle (Escape Velocity)
2. Will Routley (Symmetrics Cycling)
3. Tim Sherstobitoff (Total Restoration)
4. Marcel Aarden
5. Tim Abercrombie (Escape Velocity)

B Group
1. Jason Manning (Red Truck Racing)
2. Marvin Gozman
3. Steve Devantier (Local Ride)
4. Jenny Trew (Vanderkitten)
5. Anthony King

C Group
1. Daniel Owsiany
2. Savy Spada
3. Shani Laxon (Giant/Whistler)
4. David Richardson
5. Bill Riley

1. Mark G
2. Jeff Ker
3. Matt Kennedy
4. Tony Thompson
5. Rick Wiltshire

Spring Series Race #3, Armstrong Hill

A Group
1. Rob Britton (Red Truck)
2. Tim Abercrombie (Escape Velocity)
3. Jonathan Page (Escape Velocity)
4. Larry Zimich
5. Chris Reynolds

B Group
1. Guy Biggar (Escape Velocity)
2. Derek Fergusson
3. Marvin Gozman
4. Owen Sampson
5. Wendell Challenger

C Group
1. John Livingstone
2. Jason Brooks
3. Brent Hladchak
4. David Richardson
5. Kyle Buckosky

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