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Eric Cseff Turns 28!

January 23, 2006 – Canadian downhiller Eric Cseff celebrated his 28th in style at the Sushi Village in Whistler BC over the weekend. In attendance was a virtuoso bike rider reunion. Joining Cseff from Whistler included former mountain bike champ Chad Miles, two Canadian female downhillers Claire Buchar and Katrina Strand, Ottawa native Julian Hine, Garreth Dyer of Norco, and Ontario-transfers Lloyd Thomas and Lucas Curran. Also joining the mix while on a ski vacation were JetFuel riders Jibber Hall and Tim Lefebvre, Team RACE’s Dan Lefebvre, Shiimano’s Randy Pye, Damian Matthews, Ryan Watts and George “shifty Czech” Nooman. Amidst plenty of (flying) food, drink and wasabi ice-cream a good time has held by all!

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