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Employment Opportunity – Own the Podium CEO

release by Own the Podium

November 08, 2011 (Ottawa, ON) – Own the Podium is seeking a new CEO. The deadline to apply for this position is December 7, 2011. As Canadians, we see ourselves as self-effacing, polite and compassionate. And it’s exactly those qualities that made us such wonderful hosts for the 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games. But, during those Games, Canadians also showed the world another side of our national spirit… a loud and proud love of seeing our country win against the best in the world. Own the Podium was created to support Canada’s highest potential Olympic and Paralympic athletes. It succeeded not only in medal count, but also by showing the power of extraordinary athletic performance as a tool to inspire and contribute to nation-building. Own the Podium is a celebration of Canada’s can-do attitude and growing determination to compete and to win on the international stage.

Own the Podium is aimed at Olympic and Paralympic success through singularity of purpose by being performance driven, athlete focused, and coach led supported by science and leading edge technologies. As the new C.E.O., you will add your inspirational leadership to our accomplished team as it works with the Canadian Olympic and Paralympic Committees, the Federal Government and Canada’s high performance sports system to identify and support our highest potential athletes. With an ambitious ten year strategic plan in place, your mission is all about partnership. Collaborating with all of the components of Canada’s sport system, leading a lean and focused organization, you will provide Canada even more opportunities to share those wonderful moments when we have the chance to love our country out loud.

A team captain leads by example… through listening… by performing when the stakes are highest… and through an unflinching focus on the goal. With your passion for sports, and your ability to infuse diverse partners with the desire to pursue a shared quest, you will earn the C on your sweater.

To explore this opportunity, please contact Elizabeth Abraham or Kyle Mitchell in Vancouver (604) 685-0261 or Michelle Richard in Ottawa (613) 749-9909 or submit your resume online at: www.odgersberndtson.ca/en/careers/10421

Type of Position: Full Time – Employee

Contact Information:
Elizabeth Abraham
Own The Podium
Ottawa , ON, Canada
Tel. 604-685-0261

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