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Dorel Announces Acquisition and Launch of New GURU Experience

release by Dorel Industries

September 20, 2012 – Dorel Recreational/Leisure, a segment of Dorel Industries owner of the Cycling Sports Group announced today the acquisition and launch of the new GURU Experience, an advanced personalized bike fitting and consultative retail system that will help consumers reach their peak performance.  The GURU Experience eliminates the frustration and continual trial-and-error process of finding the right cycling equipment for each individual. An innovative approach to bicycle shopping, it provides consumers with the ideal retail and cycling experience.

“We’re thrilled to launch the GURU Experience, an important step for Dorel Recreational/Leisure,” said Robert Baird, Group President and CEO, Dorel Recreational/Leisure.  “The GURU Experience is a revolutionary leap forward in bicycle purchasing and owning. The way consumers shop is changing radically in and outside the cycling industry. GURU is the centerpiece of our overall goal of meeting the needs of consumers and our retailers and transforming bicycle shopping.”

The GURU Experience is driven by a highly individualized technology-assisted discovery process that helps the consumer identify the ideal bike, based upon their own unique body flexibility and type, personal goals, ability level and riding style.  The first step for each consumer is to sit with a GURU Experience retail consultant and discuss everything from medical history, to athletic background, to fitness goals and budget.  The next step is the automated fitting unit.  At the heart of the GURU Experience, this unit features real time “on the fly” adjustability, creating a seamless, iterative loop of precise adjustment and feedback tailored to the individual cyclist.  The real time adjustments replicate the actual motion of cycling, so the rider instantly feels and reacts to every precise equipment alteration, ensuring the perfect ride and optimized athletic performance.

The automated unit is coupled with GURU’s proprietary software.  Once the consumer completes the automated fitting, the software will provide a detailed, comprehensive assessment of existing bicycles and products which best meet his fitting profile and goals.  The GURU Experience software has universal application, ensuring customers can identify and choose bicycles from any brand.  With specially trained GURU Fitting Consultants and consistent yet personalized procedures, GURU engages everyone from casual riders just discovering the sport to the dedicated athlete trying to maximize performance and competitive potential.



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