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DonkeyCross Cyclocross Race Report, Results – Walter and Richey Win

release by Team Escape Velocity

September 19, 2016 (Vancouver, BC) – On Sunday, September 18, a record 254 riders participated in Team Escape Velocity’s DonkeyCross, Race #3 in the Vancouver Cyclocross Coalition (VCXC) race series. “This our third year at Castle Park and the City of Port Coquitlam has been very supportive of this cyclocross race” said organizer Tobin Copley of Escape Velocity.

Elite Men's podium (l-r) Nicholas Kupiak 4th, Marc Edwards 2nd, Craig Richey 1st, Nathan Killam 3rd, Greg Mathews 5th  ©
“We had a crew from the City’s Parks and Recreation department help prepare the grass in the park for the race and Mayor Greg Moore, came straight from the Terry Fox Run to act as the official starter for the afternoon races and present awards to the racers from the morning events.”

The course featured steep run ups, off camber grassy sections, gravel paths and enough open field space to incorporate longer straight sections linked together by twisty technical corners and three leg sapping running sections that kept the racers on their limits for the entire circuit.

Racing featured categories for every age and ability level including racing for Youth and a fun (non-competitive) kids race

In the Elite Men’s race, retired professional cyclocross racer Craig Richey (Garneau-Easton Cycling) put in a dominant ride to finish almost four minutes ahead of Marc Edwards and professional triathlete/part time cross racer Nathan Killam (Cycosis Racing).

Elite Women's podium (l-r) Kelly Jones 4th, Carey Mark 2nd, Sandra Walter 1st, Morgan Cabot 3rd, Natalia Mulekova 5th.  ©  Paul Craig

Coquitlam based professional mountain biker Sandra Walter (Liv/Giant) won the Elite women’s race, followed by Carey Mark (Steed Cycles) and Morgan Cabot (Glotman Simpson Cycling).

The youth races featured a large contingent of riders from DEVO, the youth-development team of Escape Velocity. Not only were DEVO riders prominent in the races, the kids were also responsible for helping with the course set up, run the kids races and tear down after the racing ended for the day.

Once again, Springsteen the donkey made an appearance at the race and was available for petting and light cuddles. “Another great year for cyclocross and donkey’s in Port Coquitlam,” added Copley.

Results (brief)

Elite Men:
1. Craig Richey (Garneau-Easton Cycling)
2. Marc Edwards
3. Nathan Killam (Cycosis Racing)
4. Nicholas Kupiak (Broad Street Cycles)
5. Greg Mathews (Steed Cycles)

Elite Women:
1. Sandra Walter (Liv/Giant)
2. Carey Mark (Steed Cycles)
3. Morgan Cabot (Glotman Simpson Cycling Club)
4. Kelly Jones (Steed Cycles)
5. Natalia Mulekova (Steed Cycles)

Master Men:
1. Matt Drown (Georgia Cycling)
2. Kim Steed (Steed Cycles)
3. Colin Campbell (Escape Velocity/dEVo p/b Fortius)
4. Christian Hansen (Escape Velocity/dEVo p/b Fortius)
5. Quinn Anderson (Mighty Riders)

Master Women
1. Stacey Hutton (Mighty Cycling)
2. Alyssa Myshok (West Coast Cycling)
3. Rosemary Gin (Escape Velocity/dEVo p/b Fortius)

Intermediate Men:
1. Eric Hung (Steed Cycles)
2. James Thompson
3. Alexander Murison (Glotman Simpson Cycling)
4. Nicholas Geddes
5. Michael Wegner (Langlois Brown Racing)

Intermediate Women:
1. Anne Ouellet (Fresh Air Athena)
2. Jess Daniels (Steed Cycles)
3. Anne Gagnon
4. Anna Pettersen (Steed Cycles)
5. Rachael Mirvish

Novice Men:
1. Bryon Teriault
2. Max Paterson
3. Bart Brown
4. Nicholas Ethier
5. Jonathon Schwarz

Novice Women:
1. Haley Gill (Pender Racing)
2. Jennifer McConkey (Glotman Simpson Cycling)
3. Chelsea Kourline
4. Christine Barr
5. Kate Drew

Under 17 Men
1. Nathan Bishop(Escape Velocity/dEVo p/b Fortius)
2. Cody Scott (Escape Velocity/dEVo p/b Fortius)
3. Quinn Storey (Escape Velocity/dEVo p/b Fortius)
4. Evan McBeath (Escape Velocity/dEVo p/b Fortius)
5. Alexandre Campbell

Under 15 Men
1. Manu Moore (Escape Velocity/dEVo p/b Fortius)
2. Patrik Rytir (Escape Velocity/dEVo p/b Fortius)
3. Luke Dunn

Under 17 Women
1. Elizabeth Gin (Escape Velocity/dEVo p/b Fortius)
2. Bronwen Campbell (Escape Velocity/dEVo p/b Fortius)
3. Caitlin Wallin (Escape Velocity/dEVo p/b Fortius)
4. Elle Bush (Phoenix Velo Training Group)
5. Kate Matson (Escape Velocity/dEVo p/b Fortius)

Under 15 Women
1. Lilly Ujfalusi (Escape Velocity/dEVo p/b Fortius)
2. Josie Welbourn (Escape Velocity/dEVo p/b Fortius)
3. Alisha Lilley (Escape Velocity/dEVo p/b Fortius)
4. Astrid Wuerr

Under 13 Men
1. Chase Mark
2. Andrew Lawson

Under 13 Women
1. Katrin Rytirova (Escape Velocity/dEVo p/b Fortius)
2. Susanna Ujfalusi (Escape Velocity/dEVo p/b Fortius)

Single Speed (Open)
1. Mark Karau (Stuckylife/VIACRA)
2. Kyle Scully (Funeral Cycling)
3. Dave Struthers (Funeral Cycling)
4. Vonn Winkelmann (Langois Brown Racing)
5. Arlen Sutherland


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