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DMBA to Host Public Meeting with TRCA

March 20, 2008 – The Durham Mountain Bicycling Association is hosting an open meeting with the TRCA and Glen Major (3 Rocks) stewards. We’ll be meeting at The Seniors Center, 75 Marietta St, Uxbridge, ON from 9:30 to 11:30 on Saturday March 29th. We’ll have a few small presentations at the front, no more than 7 minutes each, to provide background for everyone. Then there will be a Q&A session where everyone can participate. We’ve compiled a list of questions that we will discuss. I hope you like them.

If you ride in Glen Major, or on any of the TRCA lands, you should be at this meeting. To hear and be heard, or at the very least seen.


The TRCA – Who are they and what are they doing?
Learn about the TRCA, the largest public land owner in Durham and the GTA, and their plans for our favourite trails:
– Mike Bender will present past TRCA accomplishments and the 2008 plans for the area
– Q&A and opportunity to input your mountain bike opinions and interests

New Places to Ride in Durham!
Learn about the Durham Conservation Association’s recent and planned Land Acquisitions.
– Mike Tucker to present the Durham ‘Lands Acquisition’ map and future plans
– Q&A and opportunity to input your mountain bike opinions and interests

The Glen Major/Walkers Woods Stewards – Why do they care?
Learn about the GM/WW Stewardship Committee and their influence on our favorite rides:
– Mike Tucker or Dave Taylor presenting the Stewardship perspective
– Wheels to add mountain bike perspective
– Q&A and opportunity to input your mountain bike opinions and interests

General Q&A session – Issues the mountain bike community cares about
– Why is there no night riding on the GM/WW properties?
– What can we do to get night riding permitted?
– Why have some of the most challenging trails on the property been closed down and replaced with four foot wide “highways”?
– When trail work is undertaken why are the trails “dumbed down” reducing the amount of skill required to ride them?
– We would like to see more trails that have more advanced technical trail features. What can be done to allow for such structures to be constructed?
– What is the perception of mountain biking within the TRCA/SC, specifically as it relates to environmental impact, liability, and user conflict?
– Why are only some of the TRCA lands open to cycling?
– What can we do to get more, ideally all, lands open?
– What things can we (the DMBA specifically, but cyclists in general) do to become a better partner with the TRCA?
– What does the TRCA/SC think of hosting or partnering with groups who would like to hold events on the land?
– Is the TRCA open to the idea of allowing local trail users the ability to maintain and manage trails on TRCA property? This is similar in nature to the TRCAs relationship with ORTA and what is being done in BC.
– Would the TRCA be open to allowing trail building on the basis that if we build it we maintain it?

Durham Mountain Bicycling Association
“The Voice of Mountain Bikers in Durham Region”

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