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Dieppe Wintercross – Results

release by Sheila Colbourne/Velo NB

February 8, 2009 (Dieppe, NB) – The 2009 edition of the Dieppe Wintercross saw the best turnout this year for a ‘cross race with 32 riders in total. Thirty-two riders – aged 13 and up – came out to chase each other around in the snow. The course was fabulously groomed by organizer Luc Arseneau of the Atlantic Cycling Centre and his great crew of helpers from the Dieppe Rotary Park.

My apologies to Julien Roussel who was so speedy I missed him on a lap. Despite being the youngest of the junior rider category Julien rode six laps, great riding! I also owe an apology to PEI’s Mike Connelly as I had him down a lap as well – good thing I re-checked those results!

So here are the tripple checked results – congratulations to all the riders – it was a great day of racing and fun for all – even Chhaya who ended up running more than riding due to some recurring wheel problems

Open Men
1. Stuart Wight (Hot Tubes Development Team) 8 laps
2. Jeff Currie (Mike’s Bike Shop CC) 8
3. Peter Wedge 8
4. Jean Richard Cormier (Mike’s Bike Shop CC) 8
5. Charles Cormier (Mike’s Bike Shop CC) 8
6. Patrice Boudreau (Mike’s Bike Shop CC) 8
7. Guy Pellerin Giant Bicycles 7
8. Mike Leblanc (Mike’s Bike Shop CC) 7
9. Denis Hebert Incline Sports 7
10. Marc Andre Deslaurier 7
11. Derrick Keith 7
12. Alain Goguen (Mike’s Bike Shop CC) 7
13. Don Ricker (Mike’s Bike Shop CC) 7
14. Sean Ritchie (Mike’s Bike Shop CC) 7
15. Luc Arseneau Atlantic Cycling Centre 6
16. Jean Leger (Mike’s Bike Shop CC) 6
17. Pablo Vergera (Mike’s Bike Shop CC) 6
18. Rene Julien (Mike’s Bike Shop CC) 6
19. Mike Connelly (Cycling PEI) 6
20. Mark Bowlan (Cycling PEI) 6
21. Phil Roche 5

Open Women
1. Joanne St. Pierre 6 laps
2. Michelle Chase (Mike’s Bike Shop CC) 5
3. Carolyn Belliveau (Giant Bicycles) 5
4. Krista Koval (Fitworks Cycling Club) 5

Junior Men
1. Julien Roussell (Peter Wedge Cycling) 6 laps
2. Partick Maillet 5
3. Matthew McFarlane 5
4. Marc Evers (Peter Wedge Cycling) 5
5. Jeremie Gaudet 4
6. Julien Jaillet 4
7. Chhaya Ponn 4

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