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Défi Gaston Langlois TT

July 8, 2006 — Here are some results and photos from the Défi Gaston Langlois 40 km time trail held today in Ste-Marthe near Rigaud, organised by Gilles Forgues of Équipe VCOM. It was a beautiful warm sunny day 28c with a light wind.

Men Senior 3/4
1. Antoine Malo, Espoirs Laval, 59:46
2. Raphaël Henri-Jolicoeur, Périgny, 1:01:09
3. Guillaume Mailhot, Espoirs Laval, 1:01:38

Men Senior 1/2
1. Glen Rendall, Ride with Rendall, 55:00
2. Derreck St-John, Ride with Rendall, 55:16
3. Brandon Sant, VCOM, 57:25

Women Senior 3/4
1) Geneviève Gauthier, Le Yéti, 1:05:49
2) Stéphanie St-Louis, Périgny, 1:09:22
3) Mélanie Provencher, Les Rouleurs de l’Outaouais, 1:09:27

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