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Dede Demet-Barry: “I have learned to love my bike..”

With lots of cold winter training days ahead, Pedal will be posting interviews with some of the “movers and shakers” in the world of cycing. We hope you enjoy them, and please feel free to email us with your questions or comments for any of the cyclists that we interview, and we'll post them in our letters and questions section. Please send them to pedal@passport.ca and cc mattsh@hotmail.com

Dede Demet-Barry: A Very Busy and Successful Woman

Dede Demet-Barry is a two-time Road World Championship Medalist, and four-time U.S. National Road Champion. As well as cycling professionally for the T-Mobile team, the 30-year-old is enrolled fulltime at the University of Colorado. She, and husband Michael Barry, live in Boulder, CO.

Pedal: Dede, this was a busy year for you – although you didn't race quite as much as in previous years you certainly had some great results – especially with your school workload. What are your cycling goals for next year?

Dede: I have been very busy this year. It has been a balancing act as I try to fit everything in, but I love it. I am very fortunate to have all the opportunities I do. I am excited for 2003. Team T-Mobile has some added strength with the new riders on the roster. We have incredible support.

We had our Fall T-Mobile Training camp last week and all of our sponsors were present. I feel fortunate to be a part of an excellent organization. It is nice having sponsors who are also passionate about the sport and ride bikes. I see myself having two roles on the team next year. I will focus on a few key races and help out some of the development riders. We are fortunate next year to have the World Championships in Hamilton. This has me very motivated.

Cycling is what keeps me sane when I am studying like a madwoman at school. Through my studies I have learned to love riding my bike. It never feels like a job anymore. It is something I truly love to do and I feel like a kid again

Pedal: T-Mobile certainly is a stronghorse in women's cycling – how does it compare to Saturn?

Dede: It is hard to compare T-Mobile to Saturn. Saturn achieved some incredible results the past few years. They have had a very strong roster with loads of experience. The T-Mobile team is structured quite differently. We are new team, having only come together in the past year, but we have good a mixture of leaders and development riders. I think it will be quite exciting to see the progress of the development riders, they bring a lot of excitement and energy to the group. We have a lot of fire power and we are going to have a good battle with Saturn next year.

Pedal: With the 2003 Road Worlds in North America you must be excited. Have you seen the course and what are your goals for next year?

Dede: I am working at many different projects at the moment, personally, academically, and athletically. As for cycling, I love to ride and race my bike and it would be a huge honour to race at the World Road Championships in Hamilton, as many friends and family, who have supported me throughout my career, will be there. I hope to put on a good show for them. I have not yet ridden the course, but my husband Michael and I plan to check it out in late December.

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