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Daryl-Evans Gran Prix Cross Results

by pedalmag.com

November 18, 2009 (South Surrey, BC) – Here are the results from Sunday’s Daryl Evans Provincial Cross Race, held at the South Surrey Bike Park. Kevin Calhoun (Rocky Mountain-Different Bikes), who gallantly stepped up to organize the BC Provincials on November 22, won the Men’s A race, with Nick Berry (Mighty Riders) and Sven Sturm (Trek Red Truck pb Mosaic Homes) taking second and third spots. Mike Berkenpas (Local Ride Racing) and Rick Rodland (Alliance/Norco) completed the five-deep podium. Jean Ann McKirdy (Local Ride Racing) did what was expected of her when she claimed first prize in the Women’s A competition. Stacy Halton (Mighty Riders) took second, with Susan Russell in third.

Results (preliminary)

Men A

1. Kevin Calhoun (Rocky Mountain-Different Bikes)
2. Nick Berry (Mighty Riders)
3. Sven Sturm (Trek Red Truck pb Mosaic Homes)
4. Mike Berkenpas (Local Ride Racing)
5. Rick Rodland (Alliance/Norco)
6. Matt Drown (Mighty Riders)
7. Steve Devantier (Local Ride Racing)
8. Devan McClelland (John Henry Bikes)
9. Basse Clement (H&R Block Kona)
10. Nathan Macdonald (Trek Red Truck pb Mosaic Homes)
11. Ryan Newsome (Local Ride Racing)

Masters Men

1. Dale Plant (Kona)
2. Bob Welbourn (Glotman Simpson Racing)
3. Derrek Shyers (Jack Bicycle Centre)
4. Clayton Sansbury
5. Rob Mulder (Steed Cycles)
6. Chris Sayers
7. Brian Griffin
8. Brad Collins (Sugoi.com)
9. Bob Chew (Glotman Simpson Racing)
10. Brent Hambelton (Sugoi.com)
11. Dave Cressman (CX-West Opus)
12. Patrick Beckstead (Mighty Riders)
13. Russell Steed (Mighty Riders)
14. Ray Lachance (WCR/Glotman Simpson)
15. Trevor Hopkins
16. Jay Loder (Mighty Riders)
17. Doug Kranenburg
18. Jeff Van Mulligan (Atomic Racing)
19. Malt Kennedy (Glotman Simpson Racing)
DNF Michael McArthur (Glotman Simpson Racing)
DNF Darren Grund (Glotman Simpson Racing)

Women A

1. Jean Ann McKirdy (Local Ride Racing)
2. Stacy Halton (Mighty Riders)
3. Susan Russell
4. Shera Clement (Team Wedgewood)
5. Maggie Coles-Lyster* (Local Ride Racing)


Men B

1. Josh Weiss (Daryl-Evans Racing)
2. Morgan Taylor (Mighty Riders)
3. Jordan Maynard
4. Ted Martin (Escape Velocity)
5. John Stamp (Atomic Racing)
6. Colin McArthur
7. Jeff Hanninen (Daryl-Evans Racing)
8. Ben Jackson (Escape Velocity)
9. Ian Parker (NS Ride)
10. Andrew Kerr (Local Ride Racing)
11. Craig Fabische Overtime Sports
12. Ryan Cousineau (Escape Velocity)
13. Mike Dolling (Daryl-Evans Racing)
14. JP Baron (Escape Velocity)
15. Paul Craig (Local Ride Racing)
16. Chip Schug (Web Cyclery)
17. Michael Rothengatter
18. Barry Lyster (Local Ride Racing)
DNF Eric Mulder (Steed Cycles)

Men C

1. Armand Hurford (Republic Bicycles)
2. Matthew Hornland (Super Relax)
3. Tony Bachler (Team Republic)
4. Kalle Karu
5. Matt Barber (Mighty Riders)
6. Khoa Lam
7. Trevor Pearson (devo)
8. Ian Bunbury (Whislter Bike Park)
9. Bruce Hale (Rocky Cycles)
10. Ben Cultriss
11. Jim Davison (Daryl-Evans Racing)
12. Troy Neale
13. Bill Riley Vancouver (Velo Vets)
14. Andy Jackman (Velocity)
15. Geoff Wherrett
16. Peter Zubrick
17. Barry Brennan
18. Paul Nicholson (Fat Belly Racing)
19. Pete Whalen* (Local Ride Racing)
20. Odhner Ussher (Fat Belly Racing)
21. Raphael Fang
22. Scott Wilson (Daryl-Evans Racing)

* U17

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