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Darko Ficko Breaks Midweek 15k TT Record: 18:53

Septmeber 2, 2005 – Thursday, September 1 was the final event in the Midweek Club Markham Time Trial Series for 2005. The weather – cool, sunny and clear, no wind – provided perfect conditions for many riders to record personal best times. The 15 km Markham course is gently rolling, with many short false-flat sections, making it difficult to set a good rhythm. The four corners, two traffic lights and areas of heavy traffic also have an impact on the best achievable times. These factors did not seem to hinder Darko Ficko, however, who averaged 48.0 km/hour last night to set a new course record of 18:53. Ficko is the first to go under 19 minutes on this course, which has been in use for four years. A paparazzo at the event snapped a picture (unretouched negatives exist) that may show for the first time the secret to Ficko’s amazing success. Although this may be a violation of UCI rule 1.3.004 (non-approved technical innovation), no protest was filed and the commisaire at the race chose to ignore the infraction. Based on Ficko’s results, how long will it be until we see this “tiger in the tank” boost show up in the pro tour? Unfortunately, the newly enacted pit bull ban in Ontario will undoubtedly limit further enhancements to this technology at the Markham TT.

The evening also saw the awarding of the annual TT series awards. These are for the best ride in category for riders who attended at least 3 events.

The winners were:
Fastest unlicensed youth rider – Joseph Dilecce (Midweek CC)
Fastest licensed youth rider – Ricardo Perea (Midweek CC)
Fastest Master Women – Maureen Sewchuk (MBRC/Midweek CC)
Fastest Master Man – Don McCullogh (D’Onellas Racing Team)
Fastest Woman – Merrill Collins (LaBicletta- J Lindeberg)
Fastest Man – Darko Ficko (LaBicletta- J Lindeberg)

Overall, 77 different riders attended at least 1 of the 20 TT’s
offered in the series. The organizers would like to thank them for
their support, and especially for their patience in the early part of
the season when water main construction made the course muddy and
especially challenging.

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