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Dark Night Cross – Day 1 Results and Photos

by Chris Redden

October 03, 2011 (Calgary, AB) – The Dark Night Cross Race is the first of a two-part weekend of racing taking place at Canada Olympic Park on Oct 1 -2. The Dark Night race, as the name implies , takes place at night meaning very little light to guide the racer’s way. The event drew large crowds who came out to see the potential carnage as well as to on cheer their favourite racers.

While these events are not part of the Alberta Cross series, it still drew a good crew of competitors. The race took place at COP making use of the area around the bottom of the Bobsled course which provided a great variation of terrain and lots of climbing as well. There was a DJ on hand spinning great tunes and the racers were treated to pumpkin pie at the end of the race. If you were unfortunate enough to get lapped in the race, you were fortunate enough to get a t-shirt that tells everyone that you did in fact get lapped. Costumes abounded in the race and the Banana Boys won for the best costume.

In the A Race, Aaron Schooler took the win and his H&R Block teammate Dustin Andrew was second while Mark McConne of Synergy Racing was third. In the B Race Conner Wilson was the winner for Team Juventus, while Keith Bayly of Cyclemeisters in second with Darren Freeman of Rundle Mountain placing third.

Racing continued October 2 with a totally different course and sunlight as well!


Category A
1. Aaron Schooler (Team H&R Block) 44:00.0
2. Dustin Andrews (Team H&R Block)
3. Mark Mcconnell (Synergy Racing) 0:03.0
4. Nick Friesen (Team H&R Block) 01:30.0
5. Peter Lawrence (Top Gear/ROAD) 01:33.0
6. John Clark (Hardcore) 01:34.0
7. T.J. Neault (Top Gear/ROAD) 01:48.0
8. Devin Erfle (Deadgoat Racing) 02:34.0
10. Craig Stappler (Deadgoat Racing) 02:39.0
11. Samuel Beaudoin (Edmonton Road & Track Club) 02:39.0
12. Andre Sutton (Hardcore) 02:47.0
13. David Roberts (Hardcore) 02:48.0
14. Mark Rumsey (Hardcore) 03:26.0
15. Stephen Cooley (Bike Doctor/Cycledelia Racing) 03:52.0
16. Jeff Neilson (Terrascape Racing) 04:06.0
17. Mackenzie Garvin (Cyclemeisters/Bow Cycle) 04:52.0
18. Tommy Beaulieu (Juventus) 00:01.0
19. Craig Fraser (Top Gear/ROAD) 00:01.0
DNF Kevin Stafford (Juventus)
DNF Thomas Yip (Speed Theory)
DNF Erik Bakke (Deadgoat Racing)
DNF Eric Johnstone (Synergy Racing)

Category B
1. Connor Wilson (Juventus) 40:30.0
2. Keith Bayly (Cyclemeisters/Bow Cycle) 0:16.0
3. Darrne Freeman (Rundle Mountain CC) 01:14.0
4. Ryan Young (Terrascape Racing) 01:21.0
5. Houston Peschl (Cafe Racers) 01:29.0
6. Ian Watts (Speed Theory) 01:33.0
7. Jason Redfern (Pedalhead Racing Club) 01:36.0
8. Ian McAvity (Bikes and Beans) 01:44.0
9. Ken BĂ©langer (Independent) 01:52.0
10. Joseph Litke (Fiera Race Team) 01:56.0
11. Jon Arne Enevoldsen (Independent) 02:04.0
12. Evan Wishloff (Slime Racing) 02:10.0
13. Kyle Husband (Deadgoat Racing) 02:13.0
14. Chris Hubick (United Cycle Racing) 03:25.0
15. Steve Walsh (Deadgoat Racing) 03:37.0
16. Darren McGregor (Fiera Race Team) 03:41.0
17. Chris Hooper (Speed Theory) 03:45.0
18. Ed Garvin (Cyclemeisters/Bow Cycle) 03:47.0
19. Dale Hildebrand (bicisport) 03:59.0
20. Joshua Krabbe (Edmonton Road & Track Club) 04:03.0
21. Simon Hirota (bicisport) 04:11.0
22. Caeli Barron (Synergy Racing) 04:16.0
23. Andrew Paul (Bike Bros) 04:57.0
DNF Derek Mackenzie (Fierra Race Team)
DNF Clayton Stafford (United Cycle Racing)
DNF Tevy Grunberg (Deadgoat Racing)
DNF Amy Woodward (Cyclemeisters/Bow Cycle)
DNF Michael Macklem (Independent)
DNF Derek Jobson (Speed Theory)
DNF Lisa Le Poole (Terrascape Racing)
DNF Jean Valiquette (Redbike)
DNF Rick Courtney (Speed Theory)
DNF Matthew Joss (Speed Theory)
DNF Alana Heise (Terrascape Racing)
DNF Mike Prinz (Independent)
DNF Andrew Tomassini (bicisport)
DNF Brent Topilko (bicisport)
DNF Edward Roddy (Deadgoat Racing)
DNF Cory Fagan (TCR Sport Lab)
DNF Greg Yanicki (bicisport)
DNF Ken Sidney (Independent)
DNF Steve Schiefler (Top Gear/ROAD)
DNF Kate Aardal (Hardcore)
DNF Michael Stiles (Top Gear/ROAD)
DNF Tracy Shearer (Juventus)
DNF Marg Fedyna (Edmonton Road & Track Club)
DNF Charles Bougie (Speed Theory)
DNF Andrew McRae (Terrascape Racing)
DNF Stephen Andrichuk (Cyclemeisters/Bow Cycle)
DNF Mike Stoner-Walker (Pedalhead Racing Club)
DNF Jack Vandyk (Team Niklas)
DNF Christopher Mccue (Top Gear/ROAD)
DNF Scott Anderson (Cyclemeisters/Bow Cycle)
DNF Kyle Marcotte (Speed Theory)
DNF Travis Anderson (Edmonton Road & Track Club)
DNF Greg Stevenson (Independent)
DNF Hannah Cooley (Team Saskatchewan)

Category C
1. Ray Chong (Terrascape Racing) 37:56.0
2. Jason Reid (ZeD Cycling) 0:16.0
3. Dave Asselstine (ZeD Cycling) 01:27.0
4. Niels Van Ommeren (Cyclemeisters/Bow Cycle) 01:35.0
5. Barrie Furlong (Independent) 01:51.0
6. Cesar Martin (Terrascape Racing) 02:17.0
7. Luke Sandham (Cranked) 02:18.0
8. Christina Hirota (bicisport) 02:52.0
9. Michelle Jackman (Terrascape Racing) 02:58.0
10. Brad Dixon (Independent) 03:06.0
11. Stephen Pickett (Speed Theory) 03:12.0
12. Robert Savin (TCR Sport Lab) 03:33.0
13. Darin McBeath (Independent) 03:48.0
14. John Atto (CBTL) 03:55.0
15. Darcy Gullacher (Speed Theory) 04:04.0
16. Curtis Litun (CBTL) 04:35.0
17. Hal Kuntze (Independent) 04:42.0
18. Darren Hirst (Deadgoat Racing) 04:54.0
19. Cindy Koo Enevoldsen (Independent) 04:56.0
20. Sean Carter (Synergy Racing) 05:00.0
21. David Apperson (Headwinds) 05:13.0
22. Ken Hurd (Deadgoat Racing) 05:33.0
23. John White (Speed Theory) 05:57.0
24. Tom Thannhauser (Synergy Racing) 06:16.0
25. Brad Smith (Top Gear/ROAD) 06:21.0
26. Cole LeGree (Independent) 06:58.0
27. Jamie Bishop (Independent) 07:01.0
28. Aleks Macklem (Independent) 00:01.0
29. Marcy Kimpton (Speed Theory) 00:01.0
30. Lisa Solomchuk (Synergy Racing) 00:01.0
31. Sandra Yaworski (Team Niklas) 00:01.0
32. Sarah Sawyer (Deadgoat Racing) 00:01.0
33. Richard McKenty (Synergy Racing) 00:01.0
34. Kevin Rosmanitz (Synergy Racing) 00:01.0
35. Scott Wilton (Synergy Racing) 00:01.0
36. Kristin Walters (Cafe Racers) 00:01.0
37. Justin Ho (Independent) 00:01.0
38. Tanya Hopping (Team Niklas) 00:01.0
39. Alexander Kay (bicisport) 00:01.0
40. Justine Sagan (Top Gear/ROAD) 00:01.0
41. Jennifer JOSS (Speed Theory) 00:01.0
42. Shawn Swinn (Independent) 00:01.0
43. Sarah Tomassini (Independent) 00:01.0
44. Trevor Brophy (Deadgoat Racing) 00:01.0
45. Linda Green (Deadgoat Racing) 00:01.0
46. Jennifer Hedayat (Spin Sisters) 00:01.0
47. Nick Lenko (Independent) 00:01.0
48. Lawrence Keller (Deadgoat Racing) 00:01.0
49. Evelyn Dolen (Independent) 00:01.0
50. Lesley Baldwin (Fiera Race Team) 00:01.0
51. Shawna Donaldson (Cyclemeisters/Bow Cycle) 00:01.0
52. Jeff Crombie (Team H&R Block) 00:01.0
53. Shari Clare (Fiera Race Team) 00:01.0
54. Ken Corner (Independent) 00:01.0
55. Erin Middleton (Juventus) 00:02.0
DNF Bob Grunewald (Bow Cycle Bownesians)
DNF Janet Liu (Independent)
DNF Todd Smart (River Valley Cycle)
DNF Keith Jackson (River Valey Cycle)
DNF Peter Gabris (Synergy Racing)
DNF Cate Hydeman (Independent)
DNF Bruce Johnson (Independent)
DNF Sara Witzke (Juventus)

1. Joel Gordon (Independent) 32:05.0
2. Ryan Mountain (Independent) 03:18.0
3. Allison Stephen (Independent) 05:22.0
4. David Stringer (Independent) 06:45.0
5. Sarah Daniel (Independent) 00:01.0
6. Robert Gallacher (Independent) 00:01.0
7. Dan Guenette (Independent) 00:01.0
8. Marleis Garvin (Independent) 00:02.0

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