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Cyclo-Cross Skills Videos – Riding Sand and Bunnyhopping

by pedalmag.com

November 04, 2011 – Check out these great instructional videos hosted by Kris Westwood detailing how to perform important cyclo-cross skills, like riding through sand and bunnyhopping.

No cyclocross season is complete without a little racing through sand. It can be as simple as a straight shot through a beach volleyball court or as technical as racing through the sand dunes of the North Sea coast of Belgium, but there are some basic techniques that will help make it easier.

Pretty much the coolest thing you can do in cyclocross is bunnyhop barriers. The crowd loves it — whether you succeed or fail. Not everyone can consistently and safely bunnyhop barriers, but the same skills are useful for getting over curbs, stairs, rocks and roots without losing speed or damaging your bike.

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