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Cyclo-Cross Hits Toronto!

September 26, 2005 – For the first time in over a decade, a Cyclo-Cross event is taking place right in the heart of Toronto. Ziggy Martuzalski, the organizer of this event, has broken through the red tape and obtained a permit to host this all ages, all ability event on October 2nd.

With the Ontario Cycling Association’s support, entry fees for the event will be brought down from $20 to $5 for 18 and under participants. This support is made possible through the OCA’s involvement in the OLGC’s City of Toronto District Bingo program.

The October 2nd event will start at the Phil White Arena in Toronto. It is a great opportunity for kids in Toronto as you can use any bike you want to participate.

Proceeds from the event will be given to both the Victoria D’Agostino Children’s Benefit Fund and Toronto Parks & Recreation.

For more information on participating or volunteering, please visit zmcyclefitness.com or call 416-652-0080.

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