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Cyclist’s Syndrome – You\’ve Got It, Question is: How Bad?

April 18, 2006 – Heather King is one of CBI Health’s professionals as well as having been a top placing competitor on the Canada Cup national XC circuit. During her clinical work and experience working with elite athletes, Heather has charted the pathology of a series of interrelated conditions highly specific to cyclists at both racing and recreational levels. She has coined this condition under the phrase Cyclist’s Syndrome. “We can all tap out more performance, or simply be more comfortable while cycling”, says King “by learning how this condition affects us, and how to start on a program moving toward a more healthy condition.”

Krebs Cycle Club is once again hosting a series of Infosessions in 2006 for riders and racers in B.C., including an evening dedicated to Cyclist’s Syndrome led by Heather King of CBI Health on Thursday, April 27th. This Infosession will be held from 6:00pm-7:30pm at the ING InfoSpot in downtown Vancouver, 466 Howe Street at Pender. Cost at the door is $2 per person. Map and other details available at http://www.krebscycleclub.com/krebs/events.html . As an added bonus, a draw prize for one free Sports Screening Assessment session will be awarded at the Infosession.

CBI Health (visit www.cbi.ca for locations) provides physiotherapy and related services through an extensive network of facilities throughout Canada. Krebs is a Vancouver-based cycling club specializing in training and competition for XC mountain biking and other riding disciplines through a variety of road and off-road activities. See www.krebscycleclub.com for more information.

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